Concept Clever boxing gloves

Concept Clever boxing gloves

While some people go for various marketing tricks to bring to market the next smart watches, others take up more the interesting directions. So recently been seen very the interesting gloves.
The project is called iPunch is a modern look at the familiar boxing accessory. “Intellect” in invention added special sensors that capture the strength and type of applied strokes (then transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone for further analysis.)
Mobile devices compatible based on iOS and Android. Owner iPunch can safely train, while a special application leads careful consideration of its successes and failures. The software allows you to evaluate how well the athlete holds receptions, enough energy invest in them.
The prototype developed by Responsive Sports and resembles gloves for mixed martial arts style. But, pure the boxing – the heavy and hard – are already preparing for release.Future technology Concept Clever boxing gloves

 Future technology Concept Clever boxing gloves

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