Concept Cicret bracelet

Concept Cicret bracelet

Of all the modern “smart” bracelets one of the most unusual and interesting can be called accessory Cicret. This device is an external screen for a smartphone or tablet. It is uses as a touch screen … the skin on the man’s wrist.
From the mass of existing now mobile devices Cicret must be attributed rather to the “smart” hours, although in shape and size, it is more like a simple fitness bracelets, for example, the device MiBand from a Chinese company Xiaomi.
Unlike the vast majority of “smart” hours Cicret no screen itself. Nevertheless, it may serve as an external display for your mobile device. This paradox is resolved by a small projector that is built into this bracelet.
Capacitive projector of bracelet turns in screen Human skin wrist, on whom Cicret worn. It is not about individual functions, as implemented in the modern “smart” hours, whereby you can see time, the caller’s name person to read text messages and emails. This is full a screen smartphone or tablet. Cicret reproduces all in full screen. The user can use the screen, projected on his wrist, exactly the same as the display of your smartphone – turn the pages, open applications, change settings, etc.Future btechnology Concept Cicret bracelet

Bracelet Cicret absolutely waterproof. And, then, with it you can go to read the latest news in the bathroom or on the beach without fear soak mobile phone.
Cicret opens up a new era of interaction between man and his mobile device. This bracelet looks like a real device from a science fiction movie. A couple of years ago and it was impossible to dream about the imminent implementation of such technologies, and now employees of the company that developed the Cicret enjoy the test copy of this incredible “smart” bracelet. Future btechnology Concept Cicret bracelet Future btechnology Concept Cicret bracelet Future btechnology Concept Cicret bracelet Future btechnology Concept Cicret bracelet
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