Concept car tires of future

Concept car tires of future

What will be “dressed up” cars of the future? It seems that the US tire manufacturer Goodyear knows the answer to this question. Concept amazing spherical tiresv really impressive.
Concept called Eagle-360 is a spherical tire associated with the vehicle by means of magnetic levitation. In the absence of traditional axes they can rotate freely in any direction, which gives the car most maneuverability.
In addition, Eagle-bus 360 has built-in sensors that allow to evaluate the traffic situation and to communicate with other vehicles. Tire tread also control its internal pressure, and regular wear during operation. Another know-how – 3D-protectors with a biometric design, operating on the principle  brain of coral. They represent a natural sponge, which in dry conditions becomes tough, and in the wet softened, reducing hydroplaning and improves controllability.Future technology Concept car tires of future

This concept is more realistic, familiar look and is designed for sports cars. Intelligrip Tires may assess the condition of the road, are able to communicate with the vehicle control system, control the tread wear, temperature and pressure.
They work in conjunction with systems, collision avoidance, detection and adaptation to changing road conditions, adjust the length of the braking distance and stability on bends.
The company already works with car manufacturers to introduce some Intelligrip technologies, in particular, electronic control systems stabilize, brake and suspension control system. But who knows when this project embodied to life.Future technology Concept car tires of future Future technology Concept car tires of future Future technology Concept car tires of future
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  • nathan

    March 10th, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    very cool i will buy these soon

  • Elijahcoldwater

    March 21st, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    That is so cool i’m looking ford to driving that new car in the future!!!! 🙂

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