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Concept build a 3D-printed Bridge

Concept build a 3D-printed Bridge

3D-printing technology is increasingly penetrating all spheres of our life and serious pace in the construction industry. An example of the latter may be the desire to build a full bridge over one of Amsterdam’s canals River (Netherlands). To realize this project has caused the company MX3D, which with the assistance of the software developer Autodesk and construction company Heijmans intends to build the first large 3D-printed Bridge. A bridge build over one of Amsterdam’s canals will special robots to be installed directly on the bridge and move on after printing the next a part.
This project – it’s not just an attempt to show, which reached 3D-printing technology. It is of practical importance. Just imagine,that in the future robots will be able to recover independently in various areas of man-made and natural disasters, which will be damaged road and railway infrastructure.Future technology Concept build a 3D-printed Bridge

Printing becomes functional, and construction the full-sized bridges in this case is the perfect way to show virtually endless possibilities of this method of printing.
The bridge will be made of steel. The metal will heat up to 1500 degrees Celsius, after which the robots start casting structure. Promises,that in eventually the bridge will be very strong and protected from all kinds of weather conditions. MX3D plans to open in September, a visitor center, where people will be able to see the progress of construction. However, the final place of construction of the bridge has not yet been selected.Future technology Concept build a 3D-printed Bridge  Future technology Concept build a 3D-printed Bridge
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