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Concept Bracelet-charging solar-powered

Concept Bracelet-charging solar-powered

Pretty unique device invented project engineers SolarHug. They decided to combine in a single device a few useful things.
Moreover, it is difficult to tell which function in the main unit. Novelty is an atypical  for bracelet. Which accumulates solar energy,acts as a USB drive and backup battery for mobile gadgets. How much data can be stored? Very decent – about 128 GB. Access to information by means of a cable USB.
Even better SolarHug manifests itself as a portable power source. Its capacity is 2000 mAh. This power is enough to “bring to life” of any smartphone.
Estimated recharge time – 50 minutes on average. The developers note resistant solar panels. They are flexible, not afraid of different loads and damage. Sounds great, especially for the invention permanently on the wrist.
And cons? Yes I Am. The most important – become the owner of the bracelet is impossible. There is only a prototype. But it long as!Future technology Concept Bracelet-charging solar-powered

 Future technology Concept Bracelet-charging solar-powered  Future technology Concept Bracelet-charging solar-poweredFuture technology Concept Bracelet-charging solar-powered

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