Concept Bike Washing Machine

Concept Bike Washing Machine

Bike-powered washing machines aren’t a new idea. It’s fairly simple — an exercise bike collects energy as the person pedals, and the charging battery then powers the washing machine. Supposedly 20 minutes of work is enough to wash one load of clothes on cold cycle. The idea of using human power to get off grid even a little bit is tempting — and of course gyms are becoming quick to harness the power of people exercising. But could it work at home? How effective will the cleaning be? That depends on how good you are at cycling, isn’t it! Would you use it? Or better yet, would you convert your existing washing machine to run on pedal power?Future technology Concept Bike Washing Machine

Designer: Li Huan Future technology Concept Bike Washing Machine Future technology Concept Bike Washing Machine

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  • Lily

    February 25th, 2016 at 4:59 am

    So, when will this be real, because I need this in my life so bad it hurts…

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