Concept bike CERV

Concept bike CERV

At first glance, the concept seems to be another "reinventing the wheel." But there is a real sample. This gives hope that in the future these new items will appear at least in the Tour de France.
This unusual fruit of joint cooperation studio Priority Designs and bicycle company Tsannondale. Bike has a unique construction of frame, that hides the main parts construction of bicycle . This allows you to create a system of automatic adjustment of the provisions of the steering wheel and seat.
Simply put, bicycle saddle CERV (Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle), can be raised and lowered, and the steering wheel – push back and forth. Hidden even in the frame chain drive for easy cleaning of transport, reduces noise, and possibly increases the longevity of parts. But it remains to be check in reality .. It is also worth noting the absence of the steering fork. Rudder simply connected to the frame, and the steering wheel by turning the front of the frame. Future technology Concept bike CERV

 Future technology Concept bike CERV  Future technology Concept bike CERV  Future technology Concept bike CERVFuture technology Concept bike CERV

Future technology Concept bike CERV

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