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Concept Another World: Smartphone with perfect ergonomics

Concept Another World: Smartphone with perfect ergonomics

Future technology Concept Another World


Mobile phones with touch screens have taught us to look at the interaction with the gadgets a completely new way. The touch interface allows you manage graphics directly on  screen mobile. But is it comfortable and stayed there still potential for growth? These questions try answer Korean designer Wooseok Suh  to the concept phone Another World.
A distinctive feature of the mobile phone Another World is that it is entirely covered  a touchscreen. According to the author, this is the best way to optimize the multi-touch interface, the user is not required to make any unnecessary movements to perform the required actions, virtual buttons can appear at any point of the phone.  Future technology Concept Another Worl

On the lower half of the front panel of Another World posted additional control element, which is also at the center is a small touchscreen. With this solution, you will never miss all the most important thing. It is worth noting the original mode of performance interface, this is not the traditional icons or widgets, straight lines extending radially from a central element. It is a pity that in the foreseeable future, the market does not appear anything like this.
Designer: Wooseok Suh Future technology Concept Another Worl

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