Concept Alpha Motorcycle

Concept Alpha Motorcycle

At first glance, it’s clear this stylish concept motorcycle by industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem is meant for speed. It definitely won’t be used for your average commute to work. The BMW Apollo Streamliner looks like it could break speed records at salt flat races.
The bike design is a personal project that combines a sleek futuristic style with more vintage components such as a brown leather seat, exposed engine, and rear suspension. And in the front is a sloping shroud streamlined to minimize wind resistance. But don’t get too excited about the Apollo. As sleek as it is, it’s still just a concept and BMW has made no word on plans to build the bike.
BMW ‘apollo streamliner’ motorcycle is a concept created by industrial designer, mehmet doruk erdem. designed as a personal project, the bike’s main focus is on speed but retains the brand’s heritage through key details. it does this by combing traditional styling, illustrated by the brown saddle, exposed engine and rear suspension, with futuristic characteristics. reflecting the delicacy of a musical instrument, a key aspect is the wide and slopping front section which minimizes the wind effect on the rider. Future technology Concept Alpha Motorcycle

Designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem Future technology Concept Alpha Motorcycle Future technology Concept Alpha Motorcycle Future technology Concept Alpha Motorcycle

Concept Motorcycle
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Concept motorbike
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