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Concept a van with artificial intelligence

Concept a van with artificial intelligence

British students of the Academy of Robotics have developed a van that is equipped with artificial intelligence. Construction of the first sample is already coming to an end. According to information, in the near future the first copies of these vehicles will be able to access public roads. According to the calculations of the manufacturer, with the help of such a van can be several times reduce the cost of shipping goods at times. In addition, you can achieve customer service around the clock.
This van is equipped with a multitude of sensors, as well as an artificial intelligence system. Due to this, the vehicle can move even on the worst roads. So the van can save about 99% of the cost of delivery of goods.
Now the car is constantly tested in order to achieve the perfection of all systems. Also, the goal of the developers is to create a car that will comply with all legal norms of the road.  Company Pilgrim will Serial production of such vehicles.She produces copies of classic cars.Future technology Concept a van with artificial intelligence
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