Concept 4hone.

Concept 4hone.

As a rapidly evolving technology of mobile phones. Each phone is something better, and have what I would like to improve. There is a large touch screen but no keyboard, there is a good camera, but bad speakers. And if you try to combine all? 4hone is a concept, which aims at improving user experience by offering them a value for money alternative that lets them configure their phone for a lot more features via simple add-on contraptions. Thanks to a detachable translucent keyboard, users can use the phone in full touch mode when they need to use a bigger display and add on the keypad to make typing easier when they need to send a text or an email.  Future technology Concept 4hone

To turn the phone into a dedicated music phone, users can also attach a set of speaker that fit right onto the phone so they don’t have to carry around a speaker dock. For photography buffs, the phone comes with a detachable camera that can capture high resolution picture as well as provide a high resolution video when users need to make a video call. An additional slot for a micro SD card helps users boost storage as well. The buttons have been designed to favour the natural movement of our thumbs and fingers. It’s a good idea?
Designer Philip Pearce Future technology Concept 4honeFuture technology Concept 4hone Future technology Concept 4hone    Future technology Concept 4hone Future technology Concept 4hone

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  • Vishal

    February 15th, 2012 at 11:18 am

    This is so cool but how did you do it and how you find it….:)

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