Commuter Concept navigator

Commuter Concept navigator

The company TomTom has introduced the concept of on-board navigator Commuter, which shows the possibility of such devices in the future. The device should assist the driver in daily trips in which a navigator do not  use, because know the entire route to and from, for example, between work and home.
Commuter in real-time quickly and accurately can tracked on the way to the goal jams and other changeable conditions throughout the road network in a given location. That is why the navigator instantly selects the most convenient and alternative a path subject to the minimum time-consuming. Future technology Commuter Concept navigator

At any time, the device can offer the driver the best a route of detour, because recalculation of the time of arrival occurs constantly on the whole route. At the moment the device is only an experiment, and it is unclear when it will be used in a possible series production. Future technology Commuter Concept navigator Future technology Commuter Concept navigator

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