Colorful concept Apple iOS 8

Colorful concept Apple iOS 8

Most recently, Apple announced a brand new mobile platform iOS 7, it is quite markedly different from previous versions of the system. In the coming months, the owners of Apple gadgets can upgrade their toys to the latest firmware. And what will be  iOS 8, which will be released next year?  The answer to this question has prepared designer Vilim Pluzaric.Future technology Colorful concept Apple iOS 8

Vilim introduced the concept of mobile platform Apple iOS 8. Icons the user interface are the same simple, but the background image is a bit "more fun." On the lock screen is now placed five icons for easy access,and control center received new features and with even more simple, intuitive interface. On the screen displayed a switches the wireless protocols, brightness, audio options, including volume control, function AirDrop and AirPlay plus basic functions such as search and flashlight.
Home screen concept IOS  8 allows you to check the essentials before you open the application you want. Application icons are displayed with a parallax effect and dynamic 3D-shadows, creating a three-dimensional effect. Finally, using the tool "Appearance" you can adjust the style of the Control Center.
Designer Vilim Pluzaric Future technology Colorful concept Apple iOS 8 Future technology Colorful concept Apple iOS 8

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