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Clothing of the future-Concept of smart cloth

Clothing of the future-Concept of smart cloth

A variety of “smart” things have flooded the modern world and makes the life of ordinary people a little easier and more convenient, but all sorts of wearable electronics can be forgotten at home or lost, but the clothes to lose is problematic. Therefore, scientists from Harvard University created a “smart” fabric, which can be used for clothing. Interestingly, no additional sensors are built into the fabric. It is itself “one big sensor”.
“Smart” fabric is made of a layer of silicon, which is located between two layers of silvery conductive tissue. The conductivity of silicon is less, than conductivity of silvery fabric, which results in the formation of a capacitive sensor that registers motion by capturing changes in the ability to keep the electric field charge between the two electrodes.
During the tests, the experts developed a glove. The sensor recorded both “Fitness indications” and hand movements, showing, even, on how many degrees each finger flexed. According to scientists, from such a fabric it is possible to make sports clothes and clothes for monitoring patients.Future technology Clothing of the future-Concept of smart cloth
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