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Concept of headphones Sony Concept N

Future technology Concept of headphones Sony Concept N

Research Laboratory of Future Lab has introduced an interesting concept of headphones Concept N for listening to music. Headphones do not need to be placed in or on the ear, and the surrounding almost not hear anything.Headphones are just lying on the neck, and a special system of directional sound sends it directly into your ears. Thus, the user can enjoy the music and still hear the sounds of th...

Innovative the fastest Portable Charger

Future technology Innovative the fastest Portable Charger

Manufacturers of mobile devices are increasingly competing in battery capacity. But they forget to develop charging stations for their gadgets. The new device will allow  to charge any mobile the battery in just a few minutes.Most modern gadgets are still not very capacious rechargeable batteries. They do not always cope with the dynamic rhythm of modern life. Many devices able to work under ...

Innovative Sony Xperia Projector

Future technology Innovative Sony Xperia Projector

Sony Xperia Projector is the innovative touch projector.The device is really amazing and allows you to get  the tablet on virtually any surface. Imagine being anywhere in the home can cause an interactive screen to retrieve information from the Internet or, for example, a smart home control functions. The range of use of the device is very wide, which gives good prospects for the further deve...

Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

Future technology Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

On the market comes generation of camcorder that can record everything that happens around, with all sides simultaneously. Futuristic look and unique features will definitely make its popular among fans of video footage.A new device called Sphericam 2 - a professional camera to automatically capture the video. Sphericam 2 looks as like  futuristic polyhedron.Design features are such that the ...

Concept of prototype flexible smartphone

Future technology Concept of prototype flexible smartphone

The research group Human Media Laboratory at Queen's University, which in Kingston, Canada, demonstrated recently working prototype flexible smartphone. And let this piece of iron apparently little resembles a handheld gadget, but with the task the demonstration opening at the same time opportunities copes to cheer.A new concept of flexible smartphone called ReFlex supports data input by bending. ...

Tablet with two operating systems

Future technology Tablet with two operating systems

Teclast plans to storm the European market. It is reported that the company from China has received all necessary certificates. The first new product from the manufacturer will be a "tablet." It's about a 9.7-inch model X98 Plus Dual with two operating systems.The user is free to switch between Android 5.1 and Windows 10. permitted to run any software designed for these platforms. In device great ...

Innovative Candles of the new generation

Future technology Innovative Candles of the new generation

Once upon a time the candles were the main and indispensable companion of the night life of our ancestors. In their the dim light can reading, write poetry, do a declaration of love. Today, the once invaluable helpers of wax used, rather, to create a romantic atmosphere, or in the case of a power outage. But modern designers have decided to combine the past and present of candles feature. And fina...

Soaring in the air bonsai trees

Future technology Soaring in the air bonsai trees

Something great and the fascinating offered Japanese startup The Hoshichu Team. Great levitating in the style of bonsai plants overshadows all inventions, in one fell swoop. The invention is based on the principle of magnetic levitation, as in the floating light bulb Flyte. The invention, called Air Bonsai, consists of ceramic coasters "energy base" and the pot "little star" with the plant. In bot...

Hybrid camera and smartphone

Future technology Hybrid camera and smartphone

More hybrids and all different. All are accustomed, that every year smartphones, photo and video capabilities are more advanced, and the quality of shooting is improved with the release of the new top model of a manufacturer. At the same time it seems that the main carriers of these features are hopelessly behind and too quickly become obsolete, as opposed to smart phones. Japanese developers of P...

Innovative portable origami lamp

Future technology Innovative portable origami lamp

Rows of smart lighting replenished very attractive portable device Orilamp. When folded, the product looks like a compact wooden box, which you can take with you wherever you go. In expanded form Orilamp turns into a cute lamp with soft light, able to create a cozy atmosphere. With the help of a mobile application and a companion Bluetooth-connection, you can adjust the intensity of lighting, set ...