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Concept of eco-friendly floating house with solar panels

Construction of houses on the ground - the usual business. However, the land becomes more scarce and expensive. But,what about the construction of houses on the water? Italian architect designed for EcoFloLife concept floating home WaterNest 100.The idea of ​​this house is based on the use of small reservoirs for the construction of a relatively compact and environmentally friendly homes. The ...

Concept the tiny apartment transformer from the future

When it comes to the future of humanity, generally considered two main theories: optimistic and pessimistic. The latter, as a rule, is imminent overpopulation of the planet and, as a consequence, there is no future for people to live in spacious homes with views of the natural environment. Small apartment, the main room which can vary according to time of day and preferences of residents, has beco...

A Vision for our Future

FLOWLIGHT is a conceptual vision of how Waterford City and other quayside cities and towns could illuminate their quaysides in an innovative and unique way in the future. FLOWLIGHT is a renewable energy product, which sources its energy from the flow of a tidal river to create a quayside street lighting product. The River Suir has thousands of litres of water flowing up and down river, passing our...

Kure Dining pod

The Kure table can be closed as a sphere (looks like a egg) when not in use. It is designed like a flower that opens up to a full-fledged dining table. The table with sphere lighting rises from the center of the table and the the base glows with blue light. A great concept!! I'm keepin' my fingers crossed (more…)

Solar City Tower – future architecture

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games set a new standard for sustainable buildings, with several receiving LEED certification and the 2012 London games are poised to eclipse that mark. The 2016 summer games in Rio, seeking to be the first zero-carbon footprint games, may go even further in the green race based on this entry from Swiss architects RAFAA Architecture and Design. (more…)