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Concept of the first self-contained floating city


The world's first floating city will be in the Pacific Ocean near the island of Tahiti. The government of French Polynesia has signed a contract with the Institute, according to which the construction work will have to begin within two years.Through such an ambitious project, the authors hope to practice confirm,that the independent city can be the perfect place for the development of new state fo...

Concept diamond battery of the nuclear waste


A recent scientists study revealed found,that the cold nuclear wastes can be an effective source of clean energy. To prove the viability of the idea, experts at Bristol University have created a battery that runs on the radiation wastes. Researchers have established that if an artificial diamond is placed in close proximity to the radiation source, it allows you to receive current. Such diamonds c...

Concept the Dynamic Seismic Hotel


The Dynamic Seismic Hotel’s design focuses on zoned programmatic areas, which separate and slide away from each other in the event of an earthquake. The areas constructed from a lightweight aluminum frame with pre-cast concrete and recycled plastic polymer panels make it easier to move them away from each other and move through the tremor for easier displacement.The rectangular seismic damper fr...

The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Future technology The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Military research agency DARPA is investing in technologies,that will create materials,that will grow on command, and independently be to repaired, if damaged.Now all building materials is quite difficult to manufacture, transport and assemble. Moreover, they deteriorate and disintegrate over time. The idea of DARPA is to create materials that can grow by acquiring the specified form, to repair th...

Amazing floating villas

Future technology Amazing floating villas

United Arab Emirates has once again demonstrated to the world the scope of his imagination and truly royal ambitions. This time the Dubai leadership gave the go-ahead on good rather unusual project, the creation of which will require considerable effort and investment. Kleindienst Group - one of Europe's largest companies engaged in the construction and sale of real estate, will create a set of fl...

Floating futuristic house

Future technology Floating futuristic house

This the unusual futuristic vessel has designed an Italian company Jet Capsule, specializing in the production of mini-yachts. The floating structure looks like a space object, namely, the planet Saturn. The two-story vessel, which have called UFO (Unidentified Floating Object), has a diameter of 12.5 m, a garden and jogging track on the "deck", desalination of sea water, hydro and wind generators...

Concept of a ghost town for experiments

Future technology Concept of a ghost town for experiments

In the desert of the American state of New Mexico are going to build a futuristic city for 35 thousand people. There will be a business center, suburbs, parks, shops and even a church. But there not will be people. Because there will be held a potentially dangerous and unpredictable experiments.Ghost Town will cost a large telecommunications company at $ 1 billion  and take 38 square kilomete...

Concept of the artificial floating island

Future technology Concept of the artificial floating island

Conceptual invention rarely put into practice, but at the same time serve as a kind of engine engineering. Sometimes, however, such work goes beyond all conceivable limits. That's what happened with the project to create the personal floating island.Most recently Migaloo Private Submarine took up incarnation of an ambitious project called Kokomo Ailand. While this only the conceptual development, ...

Concept of the floating city of the future

Future technology Concept of the floating city of the future

French architect presented an exciting concept of the city on the water - huge ship in the form of almost kilometer stingray - which can hold up to 7000 people. One of the main ideas that such a city would be completely self-contained and will not produce a single drop of waste.Project «City of Meriens» can be as action-packed the cruise ship, and the floating a residence. The author, known for ...

Concept the inflatable lift, on which can will rise into space

Future technology Concept the inflatable lift, on which can will rise into space

Canadian scientists have decided to implement the project of so-called space elevator. Authors of idea promise,that the complex make space travel much greener and on third cheaper. The recently submitted concept of Thoth less ambitious, but uses the technology that we already have (at least to build the necessary structure). It is based on the use of modular pipes from Kevlar-polyethylene composit...