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Concept of smart watches HTC One Watch

Future technology Concept of smart watches HTC One Watch

HTC is going through hard times. But must not stand on place , the mobile market actively developing, appear new categories of devices. Their should be released immediately, otherwise time will be lost . And now there is an urgent need for original smart watches. For example,such, as a concept called the HTC One Watch. The concept of smart watches HTC One Watch is made in the original style the ...

Concept "Smart " eyes for robots

Future technology Concept smart eyes for robots

Modern robots can see well (or even better than people), but this does not mean that they recognize,what they see . Without the normal program for recognition of object, a robot-servant ,whereof many dream , just not be able to distinguish a bottle with a means plumbing for washing from the glass with orange juice. The people such confusion is unlikely to please , so scientists from the Massachuse...

The house of the future 2025

Future technology The house of the future 2025

The American company General Electric unveiled its vision home of the future and appliances in it. The concept , created by designers of the company, was named " 2025 House " and its main feature is the integrated use of devices. For example , it is suggested combining the roles of the cabinet and a washing machine in one device. Another idea employees the company's is a sink with biomet...

Concept the clever bottle

Future technology Concept the clever bottle

Blufit - a very interesting project. Smart water bottle that helps you stay healthy by working with your phone to make sure you drink enough water. It is a water tank with multiple sensors. When you connect to your phone, you will learn how much water do you drink per day. Information about the temperature and humidity can regulate the daily fluid intake. Blufit executed in a safe plastic case, in...

Interactive Kitchen Assistant

Future technology Interactive Kitchen Assistant

Humaleon system brings a new culinary experience for you in the kitchen. It uses a holographic system that helps and guides the user step by step through the process of cooking. In addition to the database of recipes and tutorials, the user can assess and share recipes with friends. (more…)

Concept 2D smart kitchen

Future technology Concept 2D smart kitchen

2D Smart Kitchen - a concept built-in kitchen, which uses interactive modules and devices. This full set of kitchen appliances. You can automatically prepare meals according to your wishes. The entire wall is used as an interactive touch screen where you can make the color settings to suit your interior or mood, and see recipes and ingredients. The doors on the entire system are crafted out of ill...

Delightful concept Apple iWatch

Future technology Delightful concept Apple iWatch

If you are lucky, in less than a month, Apple will introduce the debut of smart watch iWatch. Designers demonstrate a riot of imagination and constantly developing concepts of this toy. The next creation the Apple-style was concept iWatch. This concept was presented Italian artists of studio Ciccarese Design. Team of Italian professionals and IT engineers including designer Federico Ciccarese ha...

Concept C3 – a single interface for the kitchen

Future technology Concept  single interface for the kitchen

Here is concept of interactive touch interface for managing all kitchen appliances. It gives us a glimpse of our kitchen in the near future in 2022. You do not just preparing food, and set the personal relationship with the kitchen.  And of cooking food process will be very exciting! Although we may have a different attitude to this, is not it? (more…)