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A robot wife is not a fairy tale, but a reality!

Zheng Jia-Jia, a 31-year-old expert on artificial intelligence from Hangzhou, China, recently got into all the headlines after he married an one-year-old woman! He married the 1-year-old Yingying, the "female" robot that he built himself.He married her on March 31 this year, observing all the traditions of the national Chinese wedding (marriage with a robot in the country is not legalized and is n...

Concept living room on wheels

Chinese, accustomed to delight the general public with unusual inventions, again surprised the public. This time the designers presented a unique electric car called Nio Eve. What is remarkable, it is completely self-governing.Engineers sought to make the new concept as convenient as possible for the driver and passengers. The machine of the future is equipped with an intelligent assistant NOMI, w...

Chinese Robot reporter of future

China has set up an AI that writes articles for 1 second. The situation is clearly not in favor of man. Apparently, members of the media can already begin to fear a rival.Robot reporter Xiao Nan, who created the Peking University staff, wrote the first article. Xiao Nan - this name of the robot gave its creators - presented his first experience in journalism. In the edition of Southern Metropolis ...