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Solar Trees during the day to illuminate the night.

Eco Factor: Solar-powered streetlight concept. Fusing nature and technology, designers over at Vinaccia Integral Design have conceptualized the Solar Tree – an innovative street lighting system that gets powered by renewable solar energy. The Solar Trees are a tribute to the energy and beauty of Mother Nature. (more…)

Automotive design. First Photos of Renault DeZir concept future car.

Renault is breaking away from the angular styling favored by its former design chief, Patrick Le Quement. The French company will show a concept car that highlight’s the brand’s more emotional design at the Paris auto show in October. (more…)

The handheld scanner

The handheld scanner converts the text into audio and is of a convenient size to facilitate portability. The real reason for the Help Readers device is to help the silver generation, who is fond of reading, cope with weak eyesight. (more…)

Future music player 2020

Projecting a music player for the year 2020, designer José Ignacio Martínez has developed a portable music player concept for Apple dubbed the “iPod Shuffle2020” that packs unlimited music and battery capacity. Sending the user’s music in his iTunes account through G3 Internet to the inner receptor of the Shuffle, the device is updated automatically every time the user turns it on, as it a...

Future computers concept

This computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible.Designer: Hiromi Kiriki (more…)

Digilog Memory – USB Stick

Where is the scribble paper when you need it? Never ever around; and the same thing goes for pen and other stationery items! Not all of us are as organized as the Virgos who have prim-n-proper workspaces. Hence, a USB stick with a notepad to it is an AWESOME idea! Details like a plastic cover to keep the notes contained really impress me. I wonder if this will mean the demise of notepapers, or is ...

Twilight – futuristic design concept future

I would love to have Twilight for better air circulation and showing off in my house! Take a look at this futuristic home appliance and you’ll feel the same way. The main idea of Twilight is to establish better functions and better interaction among users, environment, and appliances. You can feel a light breeze to chill, mixed up with your favorite fragrances, home sweet home. An OLED display a...

Lightleafs – Lamp Bookmarker

There’s always those moments when you need light and can’t quite flip the switch or out in public in some dimly lit restaurant that makes it impossible to read the menu. Why do they do that??? I digress to a more serene note. I find this happens when I’m reading. I don’t want to light up the whole room so something like the Lightleaf is perfect. Almost as thin as paper, the entire surface ...

Microwave connected via USB

The BrainWave is a desktop microwave that will come in handy for workaholics and bookworms, who can’t seem to tear themselves away from their computer screens. The appliance works with the C8 port connected to the mains and is controlled through a computer application connected via USB. A RFID-tagged plastic spoon comes along with specially packaged meals and scanning the tag transmits the meal ...

Interactive Lamp by Seungyoub Oh of Studio Dotdotdot

My mind is BLOWN. I’m not a wine drinker but I have lots of friends who swear by it. Let’s call them winards. The Light Sommelier interactive light is so urber cool, even my winard friends would enjoy it. The action of turning and dimming lights is transposed into wine drinking gestures. As the bottle tips into the glass, the glass lights up. As you tip the glass over, the light dims. You can ...