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Ceramic smartphone with the frameless screen


This time Xiaomi surprised, introducing 6.4-inch tablet background Mi MIX, which has virtually no frame on the top and on the sides. For the realization of this kind of Chinese response the Japanese company Sharp Xiaomi developers took about two years.The company announced a new smartphone Mi Mix, seemingly looking like another concept from designers who see far into the future. The device is comp...

Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone


There are all prerequisites to say that we are on the eve of an era of flexible displays. And it is not only those that are bent at the edges, and those,that will create flexible smartphones, bracelets or even fold them in half.The advantages of such screens are obvious: due to the possibility to roll a display, in any gadget you can set the display that is larger than the size of the device. Actu...

Concept iPhone Home Retro Futuristic


The idea of an classic phone for home without a sim card, but with all features of an modern iPhone or iPod Touch. These a modern phone with old known optical properties which shows that it belongs to the home.Dubbed the iPhone Home, the handset keeps the nifty screen of the iPhone, but adds the huge earpiece at the top and a base that’s used to charge the phone and possibly transmit data to it....

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

The following iPhone 8 concept is a very interesting machine, because not only it goes back to the glass body, but it also integrates stereo speakers like those on the iPad Pro.This iPhone is 30% slimmer, has a new display size to fit the 16:9 resolution and it also brings forth wireless charging. There’s still a fingerprint scanner here, embedded within the Home button and we get a 4K camera wi...

Concept Fitness Bracelet Phone

Future technology Concept  Fitness Bracelet Phone

Rendered by Roro Liu after 2 days of work, this project also involved designer Yuchen Pei. The interface seems taken from an iOS model and the Red Bull Can Phone comes with wireless charging, as well as bone conduction technology. It’s all shaped like a cut out cylinder, or a bracelet that wraps around your wrist, providing all the fitness info one may need.A pulse sensor should also be included...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Future technology Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Known in network the insider Evan Blass published the first press renders of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Judging by the images, the device will be available in three colors: black onyx, silver, titanium, blue coral. Earlier manufacturer Olixar accessories "Lit" protective covers and curved safety glass.You can see,that Galaxy Note 7 got USB-C connector. Furthermore, the image faceplate h...

Round anti smartphone

Future technology Round anti smartphone

At last year's February exhibition MWC was presented an unusual "anti smartphone" Runcible. His appearance looked like a round pebble, or a kind of pocket watch. Authors device positioned it as "anti-social smartphone" designed to distract people from the mobile internet, however in Runcible provides access to Google Play, so that the software  Runcible does not fully limited. More than a yea...

iPhone 8 Concept

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensation in the market is said to be the Apple iPhone 8.. Anyway, there are some patents related to the device that have been used by Techconfigurations as inspiration to create the concept. Design of this marvelous smartphone below.iPhone 8 that feels like a cy...

Concept the futuristic iPhone Seems of Curved Glass

Future technology Concept the futuristic iPhone Seems of Curved Glass

Designer Mister Cool has created a futuristic iPhone concept, one that seems. This made only as a prototype and in about 5 or 6 years from now, but only as a vanity project.Apple has been more timid in its approach to curved glass so far, well unless you count their new HQ, that goes crazy with the curved glass. Apple plans to completely revise the design of the iPhone line of smartphones in 2017....

Concept Smartphone with a folding screen

Future technology Concept Smartphone with a folding screen

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo smartphone has joined the race to create the gadgets with a flexible display. In a closed presentation of the company showed a prototype smartphone with the collapsible flexible display diagonal is more than 7 inches. It is reported that work on the device began in August 2015 and in February of this year, developers were able to create a fully functioning prototype. ...