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iPhone 5: innovative concept phone

Prediction about the next iPhone has been around for five of the Internet in recent years, this one came from Zeki Ozek. The designer offers a new iconic phone will have a 23% smaller size, less is more. Instead of the home button again, this time you'll see a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone. In fact, you can choose to assign specific finger as password to open your mail, twitter or facebo...

Сoncept communication device Nokia Essence.

Nokia Essence is quite attention-grabbing and features a touch pad on the other side, which can be used to control many applications. This can be flexibly used as a remote control for different pieces of equipment or wireless touch pad while making presentations. This a future communication device named Nokia Essence. The concept will make good use of the internet and will work like computers that...

Concept Futuristic iPhone.

Dream and reality! Will it be in the near future. But really want to make this concept really became a reality. We have seen laser keyboards existing for a couple of years now, but sadly they were never a true solution for everyone due to their lack of precision. . What we have right here is a device with a holographic interface and what looks like a projector. Since Apple recently patented a pico...

Nokia Concept Phone Runs on Coke

As a general rule, cell phone batteries are costly, resource-intensive, and difficult to dispose of properly. So why not ditch them and run our cell phones on soda? That’s the thinking behind designer Daizi Zheng’s concept phone for Nokia. Instead of running on traditional batteries, the concept phone uses a bio battery that generates electricity from carbohydrates. (more…)