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Realistic concept iPhone 8


Admirers of the iPhone have high expectations on novelty Apple, which by tradition will be announced in September this year. The reason for this, and are not significantly changed from the previous models design of the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus, and the jubilee year for the iPhone, and rumors, that Apple enters with suppliers of the contract for the supply of new, more advanced components. Resource...

Concept GraalPhone,which replaces four devices


A small French company presented in Las Vegas a prototype device "4 in 1" titled GraalPhone. It can be used as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a compact camera with a five-fold optical zoom. This monster runs on Windows 10 and Android, although now the developers have just broken layouts.How it should workThe idea of the concept is as follows: the user has an Android-smartphone and a computer...

Concept the frameless iPhone 8


Fast release of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 stirs the hearts and minds of many people, and the lack of any official information about it even more arouses interest of the world community. Today, active designers who created the concept of the apparatus, and their vision of a new phone with a bitten apple attracted attention.Authors of the project of iDropnews shared their vision iPhone 8  w...

Concept of a smartphone with artificial intelligence


At the end of last week, Huawei introduced in China the most beautiful (and expensive) smartphone in the history of the brand Honor.Curved front and back panel with sloping edges, reminiscent of a pebble, polished by sea, the rather thin and light (7.8 mm and weighs 145 grams), equipped with a 5.09-inch AMOLED-display - that's what a new experimental smartphone Honor Magic, presented by Huawei.The...

Concept Phones Elephone NXG Series Features 3


The designer did a really nice job designing these phones. Having all that in mind, the Elephone NXG Series concept renders just surfaced. Do keep in mind that the smartphones just concept devices. All 3 concept handsets have bezel less designs and soft touch buttons.These devices are made out of anodized aluminum, and are made using a special nano injection process, according to the designer. On ...

Concept or reality – Frameless Slider ZT?


Experimental Frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, which became available to the buyers, made a lot of noise, and now ZTE demonstrate the unusual frameless slider. According to preliminary data, the future novelty with the mobile panel, which opens access to the speaker and the front camera with LED-flash, not only remain a concept on paper, but will hit the market, and diversifies the composition o...

Concept iPhone is Totally Circular


Previously also had the concept of circular phones, but it's new and exciting. The format of the 2016 handset is pretty much set in stone and the game changing won’t come from a circular device. But that is very sympathetic.This circular iPhone concept can may would work excellently as both a phone and something with a belt to use as a watch. The device is slim, has a metal body and seems to dis...

Concept BlackBerry Phone Edition


Although BlackBerry has pretty much given up on smartphones, but can see some interesting designs from BB’s partners. Such as, the BlackBerry concept below, envisioned by Faruk Kaya.Made with Autodesk Maya, the concept phone is very slim and also very rounded. There is rounded phones, but this is certainly more curvaceous than that. It’s got a very interesting placement of the buttons, with on...

Concept Salaxy S8


As is customary,on the network appears officially unconfirmed information about the upcoming innovations in flagship smartphones Samsung, which can likely to be true. Although some kind of veil of secrecy lifted the representatives of Korean companies themselves. According to them, in the Galaxy S8 will the voice assistant with artificial intelligence. Smart Assistant can handle complex queries an...

Concept Apple iPhone 8 with thickness 4 mm


Last year, Chinese manufacturers are trying to release the thinnest mobile phone in the world. The winner received body of 5 mm thick, but he loses of the new Apple iPhone 8, whose thickness was only 4 mm.Of course, on renderers shows a concept Apple iPhone 8, but the jubilee cell phone can really look that way. Designed in matte black casing, device is lost the physical button Home, which has bec...