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Engineers have given the robot by human muscles

The Japanese built the skeleton robot, equipped with a mechanical "muscles" of the pneumatic fiber, almost perfectly imitating the work of human muscles.A team of Japanese inventors created a robotic motion system that mimics the human muscular system. The model developed Suzumori Endo Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology will be an important step towards the development of humanoid robots.As ...

Innovative Family robot-pharmacist

Do not miss the reception medications or vitamins are very important,when you watching for his health. Pillo robot just endowed with the appropriate functionality. Thanks to the Face Detection system and specially developed software, he is able to remember all the family members, and to find an individual approach to each, displayed in the voice and emotional communication. Inside the robot are pr...

Innovative electric fork for salt-free diets

Perhaps the older generation remembers,that,if lick tongue at once 2 contact of the flat batteries,in the mouth will appear metallic sour taste. Enterprising Japanese decided to use this feature of the weak current to defraud the gustatory sensory of human body,that in need of a salt-free diet. For this has been created inexpensive "electric flavor fork".One of the main problems of all diets - del...