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Round anti smartphone

Future technology Round anti smartphone

At last year's February exhibition MWC was presented an unusual "anti smartphone" Runcible. His appearance looked like a round pebble, or a kind of pocket watch. Authors device positioned it as "anti-social smartphone" designed to distract people from the mobile internet, however in Runcible provides access to Google Play, so that the software  Runcible does not fully limited. More than a yea...

The world’s first smart phone with night vision

Future technology The world's first smart phone with night vision

Lumigon Danish came up with a way to draw attention to their phone. The model is called T3 and has a unique feature. It's about a night vision.The developers claim that it is the first such device in the world. 4.8-inch device is equipped with a rear camera to 4 MP. Last offers dual infrared light and can shoot in complete darkness. Declared support for LTE 4 generation networks. A product operate...

Concept Smartphone with a folding screen

Future technology Concept Smartphone with a folding screen

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo smartphone has joined the race to create the gadgets with a flexible display. In a closed presentation of the company showed a prototype smartphone with the collapsible flexible display diagonal is more than 7 inches. It is reported that work on the device began in August 2015 and in February of this year, developers were able to create a fully functioning prototype. ...

Concept of the flexible screen smartphone with graphene screen

Future technology Concept of the flexible screen smartphone with graphene screen

Graphene is a material of the future, from which you can make a variety of goodies, such as flexible screens. The Chinese company showed a prototype smartphone with a flexible display from graphene.All of the unique features of the smartphone are kept secret. Some parts do exist: graphene-substrate basis of his, which made it extremely elegant and flexible, and the matrix itself is the OLED, and s...

Concept the frameless iPhone 7 Plus

Future technology Concept the frameless iPhone 7 Plus

Concept designers from Tech Configurations presented his latest work. This time, they have created a frameless PHABLET iPhone 7 Plus with dual lens main camera.The coated glass body has a curved edge so that, most likely, we see 2.5D or 3D-panel. Many current flagships got curved panels, so we expect that Apple will use this idea to create their devices.Keep in mind that even the iPhone 6S has a s...

Backpack for mobile virtual reality

Future technology Backpack for mobile virtual reality

Helmets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has one drawback. For they require a powerful computer, as a rule - the stationary. This restricts movement of the user, a person is "bound" to one place. Fortunately, the manufacturer Zotac computer technology offers an interesting solution called Mobile VR. Novelty is a perfect virtual reality compact PC that is located in a backpack with a battery. The decision ...

Floating futuristic house

Future technology Floating futuristic house

This the unusual futuristic vessel has designed an Italian company Jet Capsule, specializing in the production of mini-yachts. The floating structure looks like a space object, namely, the planet Saturn. The two-story vessel, which have called UFO (Unidentified Floating Object), has a diameter of 12.5 m, a garden and jogging track on the "deck", desalination of sea water, hydro and wind generators...

Concept VR headset for 2020

Future technology Concept VR headset for 2020

Everybody’s talking about VR headsets nowadays. How about the future? What will the virtual reality devices of the future look like?  Concept virtual reality, light and shadow, are intended for two different experiments. Shadow, hoodie with a built-in mask, designed for maximum immersion in virtual reality. VR device is powered by a portable mini computer, which makes it completely wireless...

The most thinnest laptop in the world

Future technology The most thinnest laptop in the world

Apple has earned the reputation of the main innovator in the segment of portable computers, but competitors are not sitting idly by. HP introduced a premium 13.3-inch HP laptop the Spectre, that claims to be the thinnest in the world. The thickness of the aluminum housing with a bottom cap of durable and lightweight carbon fiber is only 10.4 mm, leaving behind Apple MacBook (13.2 mm) and the Dell ...