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Concept tattoo touchpads to control gadgets

Future technology Concept tattoo touchpads to control gadgets

Tattoos thing more and more popular in today's society. Meanwhile, American technology could do so,that with the help of tattoos it could be interact with the smartphone.Engineers of laboratory MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in collaboration with Microsoft Research experts have created output tattoos DuoSkin, which turn the skin into the user interface.This project has ...

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

The following iPhone 8 concept is a very interesting machine, because not only it goes back to the glass body, but it also integrates stereo speakers like those on the iPad Pro.This iPhone is 30% slimmer, has a new display size to fit the 16:9 resolution and it also brings forth wireless charging. There’s still a fingerprint scanner here, embedded within the Home button and we get a 4K camera wi...

The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Future technology The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Military research agency DARPA is investing in technologies,that will create materials,that will grow on command, and independently be to repaired, if damaged.Now all building materials is quite difficult to manufacture, transport and assemble. Moreover, they deteriorate and disintegrate over time. The idea of DARPA is to create materials that can grow by acquiring the specified form, to repair th...

The best concepts of space habitat systems

Future technology The best concepts of space habitat systems

NASA's, making plans to commit in the near future flight of astronauts to the other objects in the solar system, announced a competition for the creation of a space station capable of supporting human life in more or less comfortable conditions for a long time. The program NextSTEP-2 has selected six promising in the opinion of specialists NASA space concepts dwellings provided by private companie...

The radical concept car Nissan BladeGlider

Future technology The radical concept car Nissan BladeGlider

In the regiment futuristic cars added another concept car. Nissan engineers have created a working prototype BladeGlider. This manoeuvrable machine with electric drive. The Nissan named novelty fully functional "advanced prototype."  Novelty extraordinary - especially in terms of the chassis configuration. Front track is narrow, the back - wide. The foregoing provides optimum handling and sta...

Hydrogel: versatile material of the future

Future technology Hydrogel-versatile material of the future

Hydrogel, no doubt, is a material of the future. Materials based on it are often the subject of experiments in the scientific community. They are already used to cool the heated building, to create a more durable condoms and exoskeleton to grow. Today we will tell you about,on what is still capable a hydrogel.Hydrogel - a substance consisting of polymers swelling in water to form a gel-like materi...

Concept Smart Mirror

Future technology Concept Smart Mirror

The concept of smart mirrors has been developing for a long time, and the company Perseus Mirrors has offered the smart product, that will be able to not only show the weather, time, and events from the calendar, but will stay in touch, go out in social networks, read the news feed, play video and audio files, view streaming video and take pictures of yourself. To do this, the novelty is equipped ...

Concept Luxury eco-yacht

Future technology Concept Luxury eco-yacht

The development of "green technology" has pushed a designer create a concept luxury 50-meter sailing yacht, which operates at the expense of clean energy sources - solar and wind. The heart of the boat is two electric turbine powered by lithium batteries. They, in turn, derive their energy from the solar panels covering nearly a third of the surface of the yacht, and wind energy storage, placed in...

3D-press of metal: technology of the future

Future technology 3D-press of metal-technology of the future

At that time, as many designers and engineers are actively using the 3D-press of plastic and polymeric materials, production of parts and metal parts using the same technology in recent years has gained a lot of popularity and repeatedly shows a very impressive result.In fact, 3D-press of metal - this is a simplified term for production processes based on metallic impurities. Unlike traditional me...

Technology future:Robot Slug-at the intersection of biology and electronics

Future technology Robot Slug-at the intersection of biology and electronics

In Ohio, developed a unique bio-hybrid robot combining brawn sea slug and electronic locomotor system.Modern science is far from the creation of cyborgs that can replace the human completely. The concept of complex robotic androids until only exists in science fiction, but gradually, step by step, humanity is approaching its implementation. One of these steps was the creation of bio-hybrid robot C...