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Backpack for mobile virtual reality

Future technology Backpack for mobile virtual reality

Helmets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has one drawback. For they require a powerful computer, as a rule - the stationary. This restricts movement of the user, a person is "bound" to one place. Fortunately, the manufacturer Zotac computer technology offers an interesting solution called Mobile VR. Novelty is a perfect virtual reality compact PC that is located in a backpack with a battery. The decision ...

Sintra Solar – innovative solar battery

Future technology Sintra Solar - innovative solar battery

Modern homes are literally crammed appliances of all functions and calibres. It is not surprising that the average electricity bill every year increases almost exponentially. Perhaps soon thrifty citizens begin to seriously think about how to reduce energy costs. Of course, no one will be sitting less at the computer or will less charge your smartphone. But begin to use alternative sources of ener...

Innovative electric fork for salt-free diets

Future technology Innovative electric fork for salt-free diets

Perhaps the older generation remembers,that,if lick tongue at once 2 contact of the flat batteries,in the mouth will appear metallic sour taste. Enterprising Japanese decided to use this feature of the weak current to defraud the gustatory sensory of human body,that in need of a salt-free diet. For this has been created inexpensive "electric flavor fork".One of the main problems of all diets - del...

The first in the world artificial gills

Future technology The first in the world artificial gills

Triton - the world's first artificial gills that allow a person to feel  human - amphibian or James Bond. The unique device allows you to be and to breathe underwater for 45 minutes without using any auxiliary equipment. The invention have dressed in the sealed shock resistant casing, size 29h12 see. Inside is adapted lithium-ion battery, vibration motor and LED-module for signaling, special ...

Innovative the fastest Portable Charger

Future technology Innovative the fastest Portable Charger

Manufacturers of mobile devices are increasingly competing in battery capacity. But they forget to develop charging stations for their gadgets. The new device will allow  to charge any mobile the battery in just a few minutes.Most modern gadgets are still not very capacious rechargeable batteries. They do not always cope with the dynamic rhythm of modern life. Many devices able to work under ...

Innovative Bike

Future technology Innovative Bike

Nowadays everything evolves, even the most seemingly,the usual things. A group of enthusiastic engineers, ignoring the opinion that "it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel", has created a futuristic model,that to accelerate to maximum speed literally for three seconds.Italians are known worldwide for its pasta and bullfights, and now declared themselves as creators and innovative bicycle. Devel...

Tablet with two operating systems

Future technology Tablet with two operating systems

Teclast plans to storm the European market. It is reported that the company from China has received all necessary certificates. The first new product from the manufacturer will be a "tablet." It's about a 9.7-inch model X98 Plus Dual with two operating systems.The user is free to switch between Android 5.1 and Windows 10. permitted to run any software designed for these platforms. In device great ...

Innovative portable origami lamp

Future technology Innovative portable origami lamp

Rows of smart lighting replenished very attractive portable device Orilamp. When folded, the product looks like a compact wooden box, which you can take with you wherever you go. In expanded form Orilamp turns into a cute lamp with soft light, able to create a cozy atmosphere. With the help of a mobile application and a companion Bluetooth-connection, you can adjust the intensity of lighting, set ...

Robot Pet

Future technology Robot Pet

Who better, cats or dogs? In fact, it does not matter if you really love your pet. Sometimes attachment to the four-footed friends makes guilty every time you need to go to work and leave the pet alone. Or yet the complaints of neighbors to dreary howl or noise in the apartment. Well, what there is modern technology: they allow watch after the pet and play with him, even while away from home. Dist...

Miracle-cup, which is able to fool the brain

Future technology Miracle-cup, which is able to fool the brain

The perennial problem of "what I could eat to lose weight", seems to be solved, at least it is exactly for beverages. Now you can safely drink plain water, and the brain will perceive it for an unusually delicious flavored drink with sugar.You feel you can refuse all soft drinks, juices, teas and coffee. Now you can only drink plain water and get a lot of pleasure. Developers of Right cup know,tha...