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Concept wise soul

Here is concept shower of future. It is equipped with a motion sensor that will automatically turn on and turn off the water, as well as greater security screen where you can see the weather forecast and read the latest news. Synchronization with a smartphone user is via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. (more…)

The interface of the future, as in the movie "Minority Report"

In 2002, director Steven Spielberg in film  "Minority Report»  safely has assume, that in 2054 will be the control technology of visual information - a document or image will be projected in the air and will be interactive.  Many experts do not only then, but and today  believe that such interfaces are physically impossible. Who today is not dreaming about how to contro...

Marine robots will save drowning

There is already a lot of robotic quadrocopter that can be used for various purposes. For example, for a variety of visual effects that robots can make right in the night sky. Or, alternatively, for a more serious purpose - to track criminals. But the new development offers a different, more practical vision for the future of robots - robots will save drowning. (more…)

3D Mouse of the Future

The 3DConnexion-SpaceIlluminator-Mouse - 3D Mouse of the Future. 3D mouse, engineered to excel in today's most demanding software environments. With an advanced ergonomic design and innovative On-screen Display 3DConnexion-SpaceIlluminator-Mouse delivers superior comfort and a simpler, more productive workflow.   (more…)

Concept Solar Powered Aircraft

The concept looks into the distant future, when a world will be independent of the oil resources. Developed by Samuel Nicz, Suntoucher is the two seats solar-powered aircraft. It´s able to fly without liters of fuel for several hundred miles. The aircraft is adapted to fly in two main modes  (powered and unpowered glide mode) and design enables the Suntoucher to use solar energy to power AC ...

Concept Smart House of future

What will be the home of the future? A company named Think Big Factory is in the process of putting together the ultimate smart home, which we should definitely call our future living. Openarch is a real prototype of a smart home. The first home designed from scratch to incorporate a digital layer connecting the house and its elements to the Internet. The project revolves around a new operating...

Holographic room of the future

Being in holographic room you can communicate with anyone in the virtual environment interlocutor, who almost indistinguishable from reality. Imagine, for example, as you go in to itself home after a tiring work,press at button and find yourself on the wide beaches, feeling the salty air and listening to the soothing sound of the waves. In the days of the classic Star Trek,such technologies has ...

Concept the roller vehicle

This concept vehicle of the future Roll and R1de  equipped with spherical wheels that can move in any direction. As an energy source used hydrogen elements. The car has the most low profile and, of course, is made of light, strong composites.  Was designed for the not-so-distant 2030s. (more…)

Concept Talking Shoe smart-sneaker

Google is widely known for its experimentation in technology. Together with artist Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo were created smart sneaker that can talk back and can connect the wearer’s activity to the web, if the wearer chooses to. This advertising project that combines fashion with technology, which could well be the gateway for intelligent clothing to assist secret agents. Featuring an acce...

Concept Printer Clothing for 2050

The ability to create customized objects, such as 3D printing,  is increasing in sophistication and marketability.  People are becoming more and more aware and comfortable with the concept of printing objects for immediate use. Clothing Printer a concept design that would eliminate the need for closets, washing machines and dryers, thus saving space in the crowded urban environments of...