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«The world’s first" mouse, combined with the touchpad

Except new tablets, hybrids and PCs Asus introduced a rather interesting device - VivoMouse, mouse, combined with the touchpad. The device the curved and rather unusual shape in a metal case together the round touchpad and sensor, that recognizes multiple simultaneous touches, and a laser sensor the conventional laser mouse, located on the bottom. (more…)

Concept a password in the form of a tattoo on his arm

Many parents, for sure, against the tattoos on the body. And no matter how much their child years, a parents drawings on the body  do not exactly approve. Instead, all parents are worried about is, that we nothing not forget. Password, for example. And here's an idea from Motorola can change completely attitude towards tattoos. (more…)

Flexible electronic paper

It's fun! Sony has provided for tests in Japanese universities prototype of a new 13.3-inch flexible E Ink display. Its form factor coincides with a sheet of A4, and the weight is only 60 grams. The display has a high mechanical strength and can operate as a graphics tablet. (more…)

Innovative Stroller-bike for modern moms

This new original bike, which also can be a stroller, making it easy to drive even in public transportation (subway, bus). In addition you can freely go shopping, visit the cafe. With the bike do it very uncomfortable, but if it becomes a regular stroller, then with this problem can easily handle. And as soon as the need bike - 20 seconds, and your stroller into a convenient means of transportati...

Concept Interactive Treadmill

Designer Il-Seop Yoon developed the concept of an intelligent simulator with a large display, through which he imitates any surroundings, and makes an interactive component to the training. It can be controlled from a smartphone and compete with your friends in real time.  Therefore use treadmills will interesting and you will not be bored! (more…)

Concept Future Microwave Oven

Kaya - concept the mobile microwave oven, which ease not only reheating process, but preparation of the product. On the touch screen, ovens, you can control the temperature and cooking time, and the visual image of the product will vary, prompting you, what will happen to him after this treatment. This will not only help you to set more accurate data, but also helps to avoid burning the product. ...

Concept interactive control system at cooking

X-Control is an interactive cooking control system, designed for especially physically disabled people and also for all kind of users. Project is consisting 2 units. These are “induction cooking plate” and “control pad”. Pad is charging when attached to the cooker. The connection is provided by Bluetooth. Pad can be positioning vertical or horizontal on table. Can check the cooker whe...

Commuter Concept navigator

The company TomTom has introduced the concept of on-board navigator Commuter, which shows the possibility of such devices in the future. The device should assist the driver in daily trips in which a navigator do not  use, because know the entire route to and from, for example, between work and home. Commuter in real-time quickly and accurately can tracked on the way to the goal jams and oth...

Concept «dry» washing machine

LG pleasantly surprises lately. The company seriously took rethinking of "smart" appliances, with a focus on new technologies, design and sustainability - all this meets the requirements of modern times. It's like magic, but LG is preparing something really awesome. We are talking about a new generation of washing machine that does not require water to wash your clothes. Senior vice p...

Concept of a smart cane for the elderly

Fujitsu has unveiled at Mobile Technologies in Barcelona prototype smart cane for the elderly. Cane in addition to its primary function may also perform the function of GPS navigator, reports CNET. A device called Fujitsu New Generation Cane is equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. On the handle canes are LEDs to indicate the direction in which to move. The ultimate goal of pre-entered by the ...