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Wallmount Washing Machine!

Washing Machine's go wallmount now! Electrolux has designed a wall-mount, portable washing machine. It will definitely save space, it uses steam instead of water and is extremely energy efficient. The equivalent of one load will use only 1/5 of how much your regular washing machine at home would use. (more…)

Used aircraft the future!

Concept Plane: Supersonic Green Machine What will passenger airplanes be like in the future? To help brain storm desirable and workable attributes, NASA sponsors design competitions. Shown here is an artist's depiction of a concept plane that has been recently suggested. (more…)

Solar Trees during the day to illuminate the night.

Eco Factor: Solar-powered streetlight concept. Fusing nature and technology, designers over at Vinaccia Integral Design have conceptualized the Solar Tree – an innovative street lighting system that gets powered by renewable solar energy. The Solar Trees are a tribute to the energy and beauty of Mother Nature. (more…)

Solar energy panels – Solarflora

We’ve seen plenty of creative solar panel designs — some more attractive than others. The latest to come down the pipeline is Solarflora, a sleek sculpture that holds three solar panels (one panel per “leaf”). Built by Nectar Design, the flower-like sculpture made its debut this week in New City Schools’ urban garden in Long Beach, California. The Solarflora was manufactured by Nectar...

Cellphone concept designed to be powered by solar energy

The 3D Mobile Phone is the brainchild of industrial designer Petr Kubik, who wants to add a bit of sustainability to your endless chatters with renewable solar energy. The concept features an expandable touchscreen display that slides out to better the experience of the user. A layer of photovoltaic cells has been included on the back of each slide panel to juice up the device from renewable en...

Charger powered by solar energy

We reported about the solar bonsai-inspired charger concept by Vivien Muller back in 2008 and the product has now evolved and is being produced by a small family-run company. Dubbed Electree, the solar charger features leaves of photovoltaic panels that allow users to recharge mobile devices using renewable energy. The structure consists of 42 solar cells and the energy produced by the panels i...

Concept Green phone Nokia EC509

With the aim to help save the environment, one of the giant mobile phone manufacturers Nokia has designed and eco-friendly mobile phone that invites users to keep their PRT packaging carton the moment he or she receives his or her EC509 Green Core mobile phone. The reason why users will get invited of keeping their packaging is because it comes with a free postage sticker that can be used when sen...

Concept Exterior Trash Can

The true talent of a designer lies not just in creating something new, but also breathing new life into otherwise dull objects. Designer Oliver Nickolic has done just that with the amazing concept Exterior Trash Can. Breathing a new life into these ordinary garbage storing objects, the designer has almost turned a trash can into a functional piece of art. The sleek design and use of colors is sure...

Table lamp ecological clear

The main conceptual idea is to make ecological clear interior device, that can help person to relax after difficult day, and breath clear, full of ions air. Lamp is made from glass. The major part of what is made from mat glass, but the central part is transparent, that creates interesting light effect. Plastic form lets light flow. switch is sensor. Ionizer is in the base of the lamp and makes ...

Nomadic Plants save planet

Most of us grow up thinking that clean water is good, while polluted water is bad, but that's only because we approach these things from a human perspective. Just as plants rely on the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, each living thing exists in a biosystem where plants and animals need each other to survive. Mexican artist Gilberto Espaza has used this thinking to create his Nomadic Plants, an...