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Concept Luxury eco-yacht

Future technology Concept Luxury eco-yacht

The development of "green technology" has pushed a designer create a concept luxury 50-meter sailing yacht, which operates at the expense of clean energy sources - solar and wind. The heart of the boat is two electric turbine powered by lithium batteries. They, in turn, derive their energy from the solar panels covering nearly a third of the surface of the yacht, and wind energy storage, placed in...

Amazing floating villas

Future technology Amazing floating villas

United Arab Emirates has once again demonstrated to the world the scope of his imagination and truly royal ambitions. This time the Dubai leadership gave the go-ahead on good rather unusual project, the creation of which will require considerable effort and investment. Kleindienst Group - one of Europe's largest companies engaged in the construction and sale of real estate, will create a set of fl...

Floating futuristic house

Future technology Floating futuristic house

This the unusual futuristic vessel has designed an Italian company Jet Capsule, specializing in the production of mini-yachts. The floating structure looks like a space object, namely, the planet Saturn. The two-story vessel, which have called UFO (Unidentified Floating Object), has a diameter of 12.5 m, a garden and jogging track on the "deck", desalination of sea water, hydro and wind generators...

Innovative Candles of the new generation

Future technology Innovative Candles of the new generation

Once upon a time the candles were the main and indispensable companion of the night life of our ancestors. In their the dim light can reading, write poetry, do a declaration of love. Today, the once invaluable helpers of wax used, rather, to create a romantic atmosphere, or in the case of a power outage. But modern designers have decided to combine the past and present of candles feature. And fina...

Innovative portable origami lamp

Future technology Innovative portable origami lamp

Rows of smart lighting replenished very attractive portable device Orilamp. When folded, the product looks like a compact wooden box, which you can take with you wherever you go. In expanded form Orilamp turns into a cute lamp with soft light, able to create a cozy atmosphere. With the help of a mobile application and a companion Bluetooth-connection, you can adjust the intensity of lighting, set ...

Concept the shower of future

Future technology Concept the shower of future

Did you know that taking a bath, we are doing harm to the planet? As thus we spend a lot of water. And do not talk about souls, this option is also not much better. That is why the Dutch startup has created option Hamwells shower, which could to accurately attributed to the eco-variants. The company introduced a shower e-Shower, which becomes the object of desire.The biggest difference between the...

Concept Nissan City Electric Car

Future technology Concept Nissan City Electric Car

Nissan City is a concept small electric vehicle, designed for two passengers. City is very mobile and urban. Its ease of use and advanced technology makes car a more attractive product. Car designed in a minimalist style. Eco-friendly City is very economical and practical.With multifunctional joysticks you can start car, change climate and transmission control. The toolbar is a modern style displa...

Innovative the smart apartment mini-garden

Future technology Innovative the smart apartment mini-garden

The modern mini-garden in the kitchen can be arranged with the help of Veritable. The unit is an automated system of artificial lighting and feeding with four compartments for planting. The user does not need to pick own seeds and land. Included are supplied ready-made blocks from the rich nutrient substrate for seedlings and seeds. Built-in LED lights supply the plant with additional lighting at ...

Concept of electric car Wander Stand

Future technology Concept of electric car Wander Stand

Very unusual concept brought the company Honda on Tokyo Motor Show. The concept is called Wander Stand.This machine is not suitable for busy urban roads. The concept is designed to carry two people in a semi-erect position: this is done to ensure that passengers were roughly on par with pedestrians. And it says, the main purpose of Wander Stand - tourist trips and trips to the park areas.The model...

Innovative Perpetual flashlight,that does not need battery

Future technology Innovative Perpetual flashlight,that does not need battery

A group of engineers and enthusiasts created a unique flashlight,that can be charged from the human body. This makes it virtually endless source of light, a small but sometimes very necessary. It does not matter whether he is used to perform everyday tasks, while traveling or in an emergency - the flashlight will always be a necessity, the one thing,that should always to be in the farmHowever, one...