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Concept SolarStratos for flight in the stratosphere


Recently successfully completed the circumnavigation Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered aircraft has demonstrated the potential of renewable energy sources. However, on the achieved results are not going to stop anyone, on the contrary, lessons learned only push specialists bring to perfection technology for the production and use of energy Helio. Swiss pilot Raphel Domjan wants to create a commerci...

Concept of smart Totem


The idea to place in cities the installations of renewable energy is reflected in the concept of smart Totem, which looks similar to street lights. They take up little space at the bottom and can accumulate solar energy for future lighting, distribution of Wi-Fi is available through them 4G-modules, as well as recharging of gadgets and electrical transport.Each "petal" Totem will be able to produc...

Concept the first 3D printed the unmanned car WiGo


The exhibition GITEX-2016 in Dubai the company DigiRobotics introduced the first 3D-printed autonomous car WIGO, which is fully designed, printed, assembled and programmed by experts from the United Arab Emirates, and the company is extremely proud of these circumstances.Inside WiGo has four seats, large screen and four IPad, through which passengers could point to a destination, and then have fun...

The prototype of motorcycle of the future from BMW


On the centenary of his birthday carmaker BMW has created a prototype of the motorcycle of the future. Moreover, according to engineers, it is not just a conceptual model,the task which show at auto shows, their creation is nothing more than a look at the development of the motorcycle industry in the next hundred years.In the futuristic design Motorrad Vision Next 100 lies a triangular base, which...

Electric bike with a range of 240 kilometers of travel


Subsidiary Greyp Bikes, the Croatian Rimac Automobili has declared that it is ready to launch a new electric bike G12H, which is able to travel on a single charge of 240 kilometers. Electric bike equipped with a battery capacity of 3 kW * h and can accelerate to 45 km / h, but other characteristics of transport has not yet been disclosed. There are suggestions that the new product is designed on t...

Concept Rinspeed Oasis – a garden on wheels


Self-driving cars of the future won’t need to be configured on the inside the way they are now, since things like steering columns won’t be required. Electric drive trains will also help maximize available interior space, so it makes sense that cars will look dramatically different inside and out when the two things combine, as they seem inevitably on track to do.Usually, the "green car" refer...

Concept Hydrogen car Toyota FCV Plus


At the Paris Motor Show carmaker Toyota has demonstrated its car of the future - FCV Plus with futuristic design that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. The machine is able to generate the necessary energy for operation of the hydrogen which is not only inside but outside of the vehicle. In addition, FCV Plus not greedy and can share electricity with other cars or even for home. That is, it is also a mo...

The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Future technology The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Military research agency DARPA is investing in technologies,that will create materials,that will grow on command, and independently be to repaired, if damaged.Now all building materials is quite difficult to manufacture, transport and assemble. Moreover, they deteriorate and disintegrate over time. The idea of DARPA is to create materials that can grow by acquiring the specified form, to repair th...

Hydrogel: versatile material of the future

Future technology Hydrogel-versatile material of the future

Hydrogel, no doubt, is a material of the future. Materials based on it are often the subject of experiments in the scientific community. They are already used to cool the heated building, to create a more durable condoms and exoskeleton to grow. Today we will tell you about,on what is still capable a hydrogel.Hydrogel - a substance consisting of polymers swelling in water to form a gel-like materi...

Concept Luxury eco-yacht

Future technology Concept Luxury eco-yacht

The development of "green technology" has pushed a designer create a concept luxury 50-meter sailing yacht, which operates at the expense of clean energy sources - solar and wind. The heart of the boat is two electric turbine powered by lithium batteries. They, in turn, derive their energy from the solar panels covering nearly a third of the surface of the yacht, and wind energy storage, placed in...