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Practical Apps Optimixation Enabled – Having Fun by Vil Tsimenzin

The concept is far from reality and may take years, maybe decades to materialize; the reality is not lost to the designer as well. Vil says the PRAX concepts were created just for fun, and may be treated as spoofs. (more…)

Hush device future

Hush is a noise cancellation device designed for the urban dweller living in an urban environment. Population density in urban areas has been steadily on the rise and is predicted to grow in the future. With More people are moving into these urban areas living spaces will be closer together and noise pollution will become a bigger issue. (more…)

Home theater system

The Home Cinema II is a completely do-it-yourself home theater system. It eliminates the mess of wires and expense of professional installation though wireless video technology. The straightforward system is comprised of just two components: the Smart Shelf and a digital projector. The Smart Shelf houses the cinema screen, which is automatically raised when the projector is turned on. In addition ...

Library Guide

With the advent of the Internet, traditional physical libraries have seen a shift in popularity.  Sterotypically a library is a large and difficult place to navigate and search.  Another common factor faced by users is the book return policy and loan duration. The Intelligent Library Bookmark concept was designed to address some of these more common issues. Doubling as a standard book mark...

Kitchens of the future

Enter the high-tech, futuristic SieMatic Grid S2 multimedia cabinet, which looks to be a great addition to our kitchens of the future . The handleless multimedia cabinet boasts a graphical user interface (GUI) that brings high-end entertainment right into your kitchen. The SieMatic Grid S2 brings with it internet access, an iPod dock, DVD, TV and radio entertainment. The cabinet also works with th...

Future of Cell Phones

This mobile phone is completely flexible due to the technology behind it... it uses a graphene touch screne being graphene based makes it essentially indestrucable the battery has been created by NEC which is an organic radical secondary battery it's slim, felxible and has a high-speed charge which is it's key feature of only taking 30 seconds to mantain a full charge. the phone is also waterproof...

A Vision for our Future

FLOWLIGHT is a conceptual vision of how Waterford City and other quayside cities and towns could illuminate their quaysides in an innovative and unique way in the future. FLOWLIGHT is a renewable energy product, which sources its energy from the flow of a tidal river to create a quayside street lighting product. The River Suir has thousands of litres of water flowing up and down river, passing our...

Shot Laser Watch

This Invisible Shot Laser Watch is designed by Andy Kurovets. It looks like a normal bracelet but when you press a discreet button and laser light will reflects the time on your wrist. It’s definitely a watch for the night. (more…)

Future Photography in a really Small Lens.

The Funamizu is back with another concept. The idea revolves around a lens system that is totally self contained with everything needed to take SLR quality photos. It wirelessly transmits the images to a hub device – in this case, a transparent screen. (more…)

The phone of the future

A contemporary mobile phone must maintain such functions, as: mobility, constant Internet access, access to the documents, games and to give the best possibilities and means of communication and contact. A new generation mobile phone “Mobile script” gives all these possibilities! It has two touch screen (small and large), which provide the best access  to information and provide a wide fie...