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WARP – concept urban landscape!

WARP is visualization for clean and green spaces that are self sustainable. With its ingeniousness, it will cake concrete areas with a green coating, which will comprise of both recreational and nutritional vegetation. Urbanization has depleted forest areas, which has further given birth to a lot of problems. This is a sad situation and needs to be changed now. Deforestation adds to the pollution ...

Concept ‘integral cord’ !

What if the display of your future lifebook was as flexible as possible? with 'integral cord' you can easily manipulate your computer screen to your desired size and shape, making it adaptable to any working or social situation. if you want to see your favorite movie on a small screen in the subway, or present your pictures to a large audience or if you need multiple screens at the same time, coil...

Funva: A kitchen powered by solar energy!

Iran’s Milad Taleghani has exactly conceptualized that, and rather notched up a green level by envisaging this system to be powered by clean solar energy. The artistic form of Funva goes along practical lines, as the collective element is conspicuous in the whole system. One end of the sole-shaped table features the main control panel (the ‘kitchen’s heart’ according to the creator). This ...

Concept new generation laptop Split!

'Split' configures, like a well-organized student's set of supplies, allowing users to take out the things they need and use, such as a: mouse, keyboard, open etc. by taking out the standard hinge, 'split' looks more like a book. by unifying the product and case (pouch), not only the case protects the product, but it also helps in the user interface allowing one to adjust the angle of the screen ...

Concept MacBook by Tommas Gecchelin

A look at the future of Apple and future products that might be coming sooner than you think. (more…)

Snaplet paper computers and paperphone!

A team of researchers at the human multimedia lab at queen's university in canada have created two fully functional paper computing devices, 'paperphone' and 'snaplet' wrist computer, controlled by bending their screens. capable of use as a phone, music player, book reader, and navigator, the 'paperphone' prototype is composed of a 3.7-inch flexible electrophoretic display, underlain with a layer ...

Future computers to its next level!

Rene Lee has come up with an exciting device called Bento. It is a single modular device that integrates a tablet, notebook, smartphone, hard drive and battery. The device can be used independently or as a processing network. It not only extends the life cycle of the product but also expands the possibilities of networked use. And thus, it provides easy portability of each component. Bento is shor...

Foldable Notebook with Flexible OLED Screen!

Brilliant! The Feno is a folding notebook. Typically we expect a hinge between the display and keyboard, but the Feno has an additional hinge within the display! This not only makes the size more compact but also explores future use of flexible OLED screens. The pice de rsistance is the pop-out mouse! Just pop it out and you are good to go! (more…)

LOAD – concept by Christophe Pilate

In the era of touch and all downloadable, you can watch LOAD apprehend time differently. At the border of the jewelry and watch, LOAD expresses the time like a download bar. Easy to use thanks to its touchscreen, LOAD adapts to fit any wrist (reversible left / right handed) and all the desires (choice of color from the color chart). When traveling, LOAD automatically download information ...

Bluetooth technology and Sony Q concept!

Music players sell like hot cakes and after some time become stale as they are replaced by new ones that have better features and technology. The Sony Q player is an exceptional creation designed by Jonathon Davis. The device in actuality is a Bluetooth MP3 player concept that fully exploits the Bluetooth headset technology. (more…)