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Weather Phone

The Windows Weather Phone is a refresh from bad weather predictions and inconvenient phone interfaces. The Windows Weather Phone is not only able to predict weather accurately, but also make its completely transparent body mimic the weather. If it’s snowing outside, it would appear as if it’s realistically snowing inside the phone itself- creating an astounding illusion. (more…)

A music to another level!

Here’s a wild idea that takes creating music to another level! Imagine having a DAP that instinctively registers the beats of your finger-drumming, or translates your air-guitar antics to pleasurable music? Frostie, a concept by none other than Mac Funamizu, could be a revolutionary tool in making melodies from your hands. Listen to music or fashion your own remixes from your favorite artists an...

Mini Kitchen a tasty concept

Having just celebrated my second wedding anniversary, my single days are (touch wood) behind me. As such, the Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen isn’t the most practical gadget for me, but it sure is damn cool–in a high-tech lunchbox sorta way. (more…)

Phone, which rotates in the air.

This phone works in tangent with the charger, its cradle, the phone and magnets creates a space in which the phone back on while charging, creating a unique aesthetic experience.First, the phone itself has a sleek candybar design you should all be relatively familiar with. The iPhone and a slew of Android-based phones look right along these lines, and this looks fabulous. Hollow parts at the top a...

Windows phone 7 concept



For most people from many different disciplines a desk is the main workspace. A typical desk is composed of at least one or more vertical displays that show digital content and a larger horizontal area, containing input devices, such as mouse and keyboard, paper-based documents, and everyday objects. These two areas are clearly separated which makes it hard to move documents from one surface to th...

The Future Of MP3 Player

Keeping your music with you wherever you go is easier now than ever before, but in case you forget your MP3 player on a trip or at the gym, this design could save you from boredom. The Skinny Player, designed by Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu, sticks to the skin just like an adhesive bandage and eliminates the need for holsters, cases and carriers. (more…)

Blackberry Empathy Phone.

Communication technologies may allow interaction on an entirely new level; still users feel cramped to communicate their true feelings on certain occasions. Intended to integrate the concept of social networking with human emotions, the new cellphone employs biometric technology to sense and share the true feelings to ensure a better communication among users.In recent past, social networking has ...

Waxy Printing.

The Wax-on is a solid ink printer that simplifies the process of printing. It removes the need of producing plastic waste and annoyance of using ink jet cartridges. The minimal design ensures less use of desk-space and it’s vertical orientation works perfect with the printing disposition. The concept challenges the future of printing and takes advantage of new advancements in wax ink printing an...

Kard – Swiss Army knife- phone cards to ease data transfer.

Concept phone powered by solar energy. Industrial designer Cyrene Quiamco took inspiration from a Swiss Army knife to design a concept phone that eases music, contact information and other data transfer that till date is mostly transferred via Bluetooth. The concept phone, known as Kard, utilizes electronic cards to exchange information between two similar devices   (more&helli...