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The Page E-Reader


One of the major benefits of having gadgets is that it constantly connects us to the world and what’s happening in it. Though these technological devices have allowed us to interact with data from anywhere we choose, there isn’t a unique delivery system for the information they’re delivering especially when “news” is concerned. The printed versions of newspapers can offer mobility, much ...

Cube Browser


Cube Browser is designed with six functional screens to provide a playful way of viewing image collections online. This innovative device combines the digital technology with the easiness of conventional analog photosets that can be shown or shared easily. Cube browser diminishes the limitation of sitting in front of a computer screen and operating through mouse or keyboard, rather it gives the co...

Exoskeleton the farmers


RoboCop and Iron Man can dodge bullets and crush villains, a new powered suit from Japan promises its elderly users more modest powers, such as pulling up radishes without getting a backache. Unlike its heavily armed Hollywood counterparts, the Power Assist Suit aims to make life easier for Japan's army of greying farmers. The metal-and-plastic exoskeleton boasts eight electric motors that a...

Concept Interactive Cellar Wine


Wine Interactive Cellar is an interactive device composed of a wine cellar and a shelf. The interactive multi-touch shelf allows to capture the wine, but also to share about events with a dedicated service. Give a visual dimension to all the little subtleties of a wine that you could forget to make us travel. Between dream and reality, plant a few vines in their House. The service offered by WIC i...

Night vision Money


You can be a dork at times and hand out the wrong currency notes, especially in a dim lit cab. Don’t expect anyone to rectify your mistakes…your loss is another man’s gain! Tough luck and be careful till the agencies get the heads up on inventions like the Luminous Paper Money. Notes that emit a soft glow, just enough to ensure you hand out the correct note; nothing more nothing less. ...

Wearable – Mobil Device


The Samsung wearable mobile device concept is a next generation mobile phone device that can be wear in style, while features innovative technology along with futuristic imagination, aimed for athletes, adventure lovers and tech savvy consumers. This device includes a touch screen OLED display with tactile keypad, offering the user convenient and efficient using when riding a mountain bike or surf...

Future concept of mobile computing


How small and portable a computer can be? It’s almost impossible for us to avoid computer in our everyday life. Industrial designers show us glimpses of the future we are heading towards by their unusual concepts. Designer Elodie Delassus’s HOLO computer concept is hinting at the necessity of computers and need to make them easier to carry. With the facts that holographic and sound vibr...

Future of handheld gaming


Welcome to the future of handheld gaming. I mean it. This is one of those futures in gaming that I’m really betting on. This project is sleek, it’s nice, it becomes flat, it’s basically everything I imagine the gaming industry hitting on in a few years. This project is a concept for a future class of Nintendo hand-held gaming, really similar to the current Nintendo DS in many respects. This ...

SENSE – Touch of Reality


SENSE is an innovative wireless device concept that enables users to get a close and more intuitive approach with their preferred sites, games and movies by creating a sensitive and powerful connection between the system and theusers . By featuring a tact sensitive screen, this device creates a tactile experience of thermal, physical and haptical properties of a product on the computer screen. ...