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Future concept of mobile computing

How small and portable a computer can be? It’s almost impossible for us to avoid computer in our everyday life. Industrial designers show us glimpses of the future we are heading towards by their unusual concepts. Designer Elodie Delassus’s HOLO computer concept is hinting at the necessity of computers and need to make them easier to carry. With the facts that holographic and sound vibr...

Future of handheld gaming

Welcome to the future of handheld gaming. I mean it. This is one of those futures in gaming that I’m really betting on. This project is sleek, it’s nice, it becomes flat, it’s basically everything I imagine the gaming industry hitting on in a few years. This project is a concept for a future class of Nintendo hand-held gaming, really similar to the current Nintendo DS in many respects. This ...

SENSE – Touch of Reality

SENSE is an innovative wireless device concept that enables users to get a close and more intuitive approach with their preferred sites, games and movies by creating a sensitive and powerful connection between the system and theusers . By featuring a tact sensitive screen, this device creates a tactile experience of thermal, physical and haptical properties of a product on the computer screen. ...