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Technologies for energy-use reduction in the home

Full-service product development consultancy Carbon and design consultancy Artefact unveiled Impact - a suite of four concepts designed to motivate energy-efficient behavior in the home. (more…)

Smart cooking with Electrolux Invico

If you feel like adding technology to your cooking experience or you love to cook with urber-smartness check this out. Designer, Njegos Lakic has come up with a highly stylish heating plate, Electrolux Invico . Really compact to look at, it is a solution to your space problem also. What I liked about this Electrolux kitchen appliance is its interactive electronic cookbook feature. Loaded with reci...

Portable computer in India

Yogesh Kumar Baghel’s MITRA PC is a cylinder-shaped portable computer. It was designed for rural areas in India in order to spread the importance of education, health and other social issues for the development of the country. The term “mitra” means “friend,” and the MITRA PC is also an eco-friendly gadget that uses solar energy to store and use in case of emergency. The MITRA PC cont...

Cellphone concept Dew

Designer Mac Funamizu has come up with a cellphone concept that the user can wear on his/her wrist like a watch or a bracelet. Entitled the “Dew,” the futuristic mobile device displays content in 3D hologram and features a ball in the middle that works as a controller. You can slide the ball in different directions, which changes colors to indicate different modes. (more…)

Health care technology – Vitals Monitoring System

The designer, Dan Bishop, found a solution for crowded hospitals with lack of medical staff. The Vital Monitoring System allows the medical staff to remotely view the vital signs of the patient under their care without having to be in the same location. The device helps the doctors care for more patients than normal. This amazing device is easy to carry around as it can be strapped on the wrist of...

Cellphone concept designed to be powered by solar energy

The 3D Mobile Phone is the brainchild of industrial designer Petr Kubik, who wants to add a bit of sustainability to your endless chatters with renewable solar energy. The concept features an expandable touchscreen display that slides out to better the experience of the user. A layer of photovoltaic cells has been included on the back of each slide panel to juice up the device from renewable en...

Kitchen of the future

With the technology evolving with better and better gadgets surfacing every damn day, it is time to upgrade our kitchens with some of the goodness from the world of thingamajigs. We are talking about Team Synergy’s Quism interactive cooking platform which lets you cook and dine almost anywhere. This is one intuitive and interactive system which renders the facility to cook and dine with the fami...

Future music player 2020

Projecting a music player for the year 2020, designer José Ignacio Martínez has developed a portable music player concept for Apple dubbed the “iPod Shuffle2020” that packs unlimited music and battery capacity. Sending the user’s music in his iTunes account through G3 Internet to the inner receptor of the Shuffle, the device is updated automatically every time the user turns it on, as it a...

Future computers concept

This computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible.Designer: Hiromi Kiriki (more…)

Tenna – device of the future

There are a lot of expectations from our gadgets these days, and somewhere down the line we have blurred their definition. For example a phone doubles up as a video camera, still camera, voice recorder, MP3 player, movie player, web browser, sketchpad and much more…. But this also doesn’t mean that we are done with individual devices. Tenna is a device that looks at adding the telephone functi...