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Tubular kitchen!

From a wiring to cook-tops, today’s complicated kitchen comes included with flattering hi-tech things to have in progress a cherishing experience. Well, time to check out a cold rolling kitchen! The Tubular kitchen by Diana Dumitrescu is a countertop that’s done up of sold material, morphologically changed by electromagnetism. You simply need to give commands as well as it cleans up a disaster...

Phone Concept Trypoxy !

There is a new concept phone from Miyazawa Tetsu and Ichimura Shigenori called Typoxy Phone. Typoxy Phone is combine the look of a smooth pebble for the ultimate web browsing experience, an intuitive touchscreen, and a hand-hold that actually extends from the back of the device. (more…)

The future of ATMs

ATMs were first introduced over 40 years ago and since then many features have been incrementally added to the machines, in order to fulfill the dream of a truly "automated teller". Modern ATMs offer a wide range of banking transactions, nevertheless the actual interaction has remained largely untouched. (more…)

Future Transportation

Bloom” reflects the eco thinking of the society. To break the gruff merge between eco tech and super yacht design I create the concept yacht “Bloom” try to mix the Eco Tech Yacht’s Function and Appearance with Nature in a harmonious way. As same as the Netherlands traditional windmill “Bloom” is not just a super yacht for the owner but also one floating landmark in harmony with the soc...

Green technologies – Envi

Today, due to climate changes, political issues, social evolution and the emerging markets, we are fighting against the clock with our waste. Design becomes responsible for a green and environment-friendly future more than ever. Can you imagine the tomorrow’s world full of «green» waste under the pretext that Mother Nature will do the work? That’s why today’s designer can be more like ...

Concept future – traffic light

A new concept project by korean design and development studio psychic factory, 'droplet traffic light' imagines a future where time spent waiting at red lights is not wasted away. The device is modeled on the standing style of traffic light. After turning red, the light swivels its LED displays to project news headlines and useful information such as the weather or time. Shortly before turning gr...

Mobile phone for doctors

Designer Marco Vanella has come up with an innovative handset named the “Motoworkr,” which apart from performing basic communication needs also incorporates different tools required for regular health checkup to provide first aid during emergencies. Intended towards doctors or medical professionals, the new cellphone integrates a Bluetooth thermometer and tensiometro port for reading digital a...

Future technologies concept by Mac Funamizu

Future Mobile Music Concept  By Mac Funamizu (more…)

Solar Clothes Drying Rack

The product: Solar Clothes Drying Rack : Cloudy, clothes hard work will bring you inconvenience, liang hanger long-term put in sunny place, so the liang hanger internal match on exhaust device, takes solar energy as the energy source, thus cloudy clothes were soon dry. The designer: Weicai Lee (more…)

Medical – Portable Computer

It is a portable computer visionary established to serve the medical profession.This computer would be a help to the doctor who can make use of him in his business as an auxiliary, a computer was developed lightweight, small and practical, and something easily portable and very versatile and easy storage. With a thickness of 1.2 cm and weighing just 400g the dbrain has an elegant profile, thin and...