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Electronic Mosquito Repeller

E-Coil (Electronic mosquito coil) uses ultrasound and light to scare away the mosquitoes. Traditional coil besides the burning can exude an unpleasant odor, which is not only annoying adults, but can be harmful to children. LED light operates, as circles burning up, showing, how much charge is left in the battery. (more…)

Concept of a smartphone with a perfect sound

Smart phones are becoming more advanced, sometimes some innovations are beginning to seem redundant and irrelevant, although in practice they are happy to meet the target audience. Today, manufacturers of mobile electronics hardly produce music smartphone,and it's a big omission. The solution may be a device, similar to the concept of Audio Phones. The concept addresses the need for innovation in ...

Innovative Pen Printer Concept

Once upon a time computers were very large and takes a couple of floors of the building. Computer today can considered even a smartphone , it fits in your pocket and significantly outperforms the computers of the mid last century. Why something like this not happens in the world of office equipment? Almost everyone in the workplace or at home there has a few pens, that are lying around for years...

Concept Bucket on solar energy

If you love the outdoors, then you know that the problem of warm water takes a long time. At first glance it is a simple bucket, but if you see him turn over a number of solar panels that collect energy from the sun during the day. This bucket works as a multi-functional tool. The stored energy can be used for charging the built-in lamp or for heat water.  A genius idea! (more…)

Linda-the first robot-nurse for nursing homes

A consortium of European engineers develop a new model of robots. They are called Linda and are designed for nurses in Austrian nursing home . It is also planned to use them as guards offices. These cute big-eyed robots are designed in such a way, that is easy to maneuver in areas,where are people,and not confronted with them and not bumping into the interior. By scanning the surrounding area , ...

Concept of new printers from Samsung

Samsung has released concept a new printers. Three devices, in addition to the unusual design have additional user-friendly features. The first model, Wave, is oval in shape and function in addition to charging your smartphone, can directly print on it the text and images. The second device, Indie, is a combination of the printer, Dock and speaker. And the last concept was a printer One & One ...

Concept smart watch with a 41-megapixel camera

A little-known Swiss Hyetis company announced the shock-resistant "Smart» GPS watch Crossbow, perhaps the most powerful and advanced smart watches in the world. This is the first Swiss "smart watch." The device so interesting, that is worried, and suddenly its design and specifications - this figment of imagination  excessively be lost in daydreams engineer. Anyway, the device...

Concept device: Music Yue relaxes and soothes

Music Yue - this converter noise,which solves problem of stress of noise pollution in urban areas. For example, you can convert the noise from the train tracks in the pleasant melody. Music Yue use motion detection to play, pause, forward or rewind. Simple hand and finger gestures will allow you to control the Music Yue the way you want.  It is tempting! (more…)

Innovative Mirror for movie star

Maybe someone will say that it is too glamorous, but you can take a look at this project from a different point of view. Tell me, mirror - a mirror, which is equipped with motion sensors and LEDs. Every time you go up to the mirror, the sensors are doing their job and the LEDs light up. This will not only provide additional illumination, but also the opportunity to feel like a movie star. (more&h...

Global Chef on Kitchen

Global Chef - this is a clever device that uses the technology for their own advantages over similar devices. The device is able to bring people together from all over the world with the help of laser hologram. You can study a master class with renowned chefs, learn new recipes, or join for the party in the kitchen,even,if you're on the other side of the world. The device is able to transmit odors...