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BlackBerry Elegance is on Android with Berry UI Concept

The two most powerful manufacturer of mobile devices, Nokia and RIM (brand BlackBerry) now facing serious difficulties, forcing them to radically change its strategy.  One of the options for future development for the Canadian manufacturer may be entering the market for smartphones running Google Android, the idea developed in the concept of BlackBerry Elegance. As befits any self-respecting ...

Modular concept of earphones

This conceptual design. Detachable cable system allows you to easily repair the SEB with replacement parts and will feature Bluetooth for wireless communication when the headphones are not connected physically. This will require a battery and some electronics that would be a much better and less for the design to work. Charger mimics some aspects of the bridges. Headphones are also available for e...

DJ Cooke – concept kitchen future

You love music and can not do without it? It raises your mood? With this device it is possible if you are cooking for a long time and are away from your entertainment center! The DJ Cooker is optimized for this sensory duo with a built-in mp3 player protruding from the side of the hotplate. When you begin heating your ingredients you may select a track from the stored song library in the small per...

Concept clock-Personal organizer

  Good thing for freelance workers with flexible schedules. It approaches time in a diferent manner without the strict visualization of hours and needles. It works 2.0 devices allowing the user to upload different schedules to their agenda,the clock displays the daily activities  and their duration. Almost programmable clock! (more…)

Innovative Ringbow Game Controlle

Despite its stunning success, the market for touchscreen gaming is still in its infancy, as game developers to continue to innovate on the new platform. If you want more convenient control method, the following Ringbow game controller should be a nice solution. Controller hopes to change how we play mobile games. (more…)

Compact turntable concept

This concept is not DJs, but only for music lovers. The player is made in a minimalist design, and also combines the old and the latest technology - it can broadcast the audio on the playback device via DLNA technology and Airplay. (more…)

Concept a flying washing machine 2050

The future - when all will be able to fly. Flying machines, flying people, flying animals, and so on. And even a flying washing machine. Where do without them. It is concept washing machine in 2050. This washing machine will not only fly in the air, it does not even require any water. The concept is called Orbit, and it will be a sphere that levitates inside the ring, using superconductivity magne...