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Concept of bus future

Future technology Concept of bus future

One of the most common problems densely populated megacities are traffic jams. To combat them, the authorities sometimes go to extreme measures, such as introducing road fees for travel or limiting the amount entering the city limits of machinery. However, the Chinese authorities intend to launch another element of the struggle,which is before them no one has yet applied. Transit Elevated Bus - is...

Created bracelet for read thoughts

Future technology Created bracelet for read thoughts

Smartstones California company introduced a system,that allows you to read thoughts and turn them into speech. Its basis is the first commercial device neurointerface by Emotiv, supplemented application :pros.Application developed Smartstones allows people with speech impairments to communicate through the mobile gadget. As with sign language, certain gestures and movements associated with words a...

Concept the tactile interface,that changes shape

Future technology Concept the tactile interface,that changes shape

The life of modern man is associated with the interface is so tight,that most did not even notices it. Old fashioned knife switches, touch screens ... yah,even a doorbells all this is the interface, without which modern man will experience some inconvenience. The engineers and designers have a entertainment - constant improvement of interfaces to bring the add understandable for any type, to incre...

Concept the future iPhone 7

Future technology Concept the future iPhone 7

We are dealing with real monster among other smartphones. Pictured iPhone 7 has a 4K-screen with 3D Touch and operating system iOS 10. The device is equipped with 512 GB of internal memory for storage of personal data and 6 GB. Inside it is also a ten-core processor and  on 5000 mAh battery.The main camera of a flagship has dual-lens, and the cutouts for the antenna now located on the top and...

Amazing floating villas

Future technology Amazing floating villas

United Arab Emirates has once again demonstrated to the world the scope of his imagination and truly royal ambitions. This time the Dubai leadership gave the go-ahead on good rather unusual project, the creation of which will require considerable effort and investment. Kleindienst Group - one of Europe's largest companies engaged in the construction and sale of real estate, will create a set of fl...

9 Predictions for 2020 That Make Us Very Excited

Predictions in future technology 2020

The year 2020, even if only a few years away, still sounds futuristic and in tech terms, it is. With the exponential developments in technology, the world will look very different in 2020 with many exciting new innovations taking shape. The health sector will see incredible advancements such as printable organs, predictive healthcare and more. The lines between online and offline will start disapp...

Innovative device Imperial Spherificator

Future technology Innovative device Imperial Spherificator

Caviar can eat by the large spoons not only riches. After all invented a device that will allow the caviar to cook at home in the literal sense. And it is not fabulous money. Now even the proud members of the middle class can afford to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner caviar, without getting into the merciless loans. Prepare exquisite delicacy can be right at home. Moreover, for this does not even ...

Concept the frameless iPhone 7 Plus

Future technology Concept the frameless iPhone 7 Plus

Concept designers from Tech Configurations presented his latest work. This time, they have created a frameless PHABLET iPhone 7 Plus with dual lens main camera.The coated glass body has a curved edge so that, most likely, we see 2.5D or 3D-panel. Many current flagships got curved panels, so we expect that Apple will use this idea to create their devices.Keep in mind that even the iPhone 6S has a s...

Concept Oukitel K6000 Premium

Future technology Concept Oukitel K6000 Premium

Oukitel company decided: surprise - so the full. Here is the characteristics and the photo K6000 Premium. The model is definitely worth attention, excellent specifications.The main feature of new items - 6 GB of RAM. This volume does not have in every computer. Yet device is equipped with a powerful processor. It is about 10-core chip Mediatek Helio X20 with integrated graphics Mali T800. Works 5....

Concept the electric vehicle Toyota uBox

Future technology Concept the electric vehicle Toyota uBox

Cooperation Toyota in automaker with students from the American International Center for Automotive Research at the University Clemenson (CU-ICAR) in the project Deep Orange marked by the emergence of the concept electric vehicle uBox. Electric trolley aimed at consumers Generation Z, then there are people born during intensive use of the Internet, social networks, computers, mobile devices and th...