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Concept diamond battery of the nuclear waste


A recent scientists study revealed found,that the cold nuclear wastes can be an effective source of clean energy. To prove the viability of the idea, experts at Bristol University have created a battery that runs on the radiation wastes. Researchers have established that if an artificial diamond is placed in close proximity to the radiation source, it allows you to receive current. Such diamonds c...

Concept car for the adrenaline-dependent travelers


Combining project design works of Clara Fassler, Benjamin Loyngera, Luis Meixner and Jean-Marc Ephraim has allowed to be born concept car BMW XBase, intended exclusively for customers who value a comfortable ride with all the sports equipment, which is sure to come in handy on a long journey or a rustic pastime.  Inside the four local car very free, and seats are available according to the la...

Technology future: Japan announced the creation of the most powerful supercomputer


Official representatives of Japan announced plans to build the fastest supercomputer in the world. Among other things, this is done in order to confirm the status of the country as a leader in the field of technological progress.If all goes according to plan, the computing "monster" will cost 19.5 billion yen ($ 173 million) and will be able to carry 130 quadrillion calculations per second, as Reu...

Concept of a prototype supersonic passenger liner XB-1


Place the supersonic passenger aircraft Concorde Anglo-French production can take the car US startup Boom Technology, created with the financial and technical support of the British entrepreneur Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic. Prototype SPS XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator, affectionately called Baby Boom, will make its first test flight by the end of 2017, and with the planned developments w...

Concept of the rapid transit system Hyperloop One


It seems that the first country that can boast of having a high-speed of the transport system Hyperloop One will be the UAE, which is not surprising when you consider the scale of the introduction of modern technologies in the region. The project has already received the support of the state, but requires private investment, which would help in a timely manner and on a grand scale to realize our p...

Apple Car Concept Version from 2076


This design proposal for the Apple car makes your idea of a motor vehicle obsolete; Just like the American tech company did with the 3.5 mm jack in their latest iPhone - or the buttons in the original.A designer from Istanbul foresees that Apple would move towards sharper edges in the year 2026 and iterate one the aesthetic after that. Ali’s Apple car has a swindling simplicity. The car’s prof...

Concept new technology Food Preparation 2050


Cram Group / Veysskhaar developed smart materials for furniture design. This invention discloses a wide range of possible applications, one of them is a food preparation table. This concept is called Cooking Solutions for the year 2050. This new technology would feature sleek and elegant user interface with gesture controls, it could calculate nutritional value, detect freshness of the ingredients...

Concept the first 3D printed the unmanned car WiGo


The exhibition GITEX-2016 in Dubai the company DigiRobotics introduced the first 3D-printed autonomous car WIGO, which is fully designed, printed, assembled and programmed by experts from the United Arab Emirates, and the company is extremely proud of these circumstances.Inside WiGo has four seats, large screen and four IPad, through which passengers could point to a destination, and then have fun...

10 future technologies, emerging already today


Some people believe that modern technology subvert the human civilization, making easier life to the limit and lowering the overall level of development. Others argue that, freed from the monotonous work man can truly reach their potential. Anyway, new technologies are emerging every year, always bringing the future,the bright or horrible.     Cameras future will learn to "turn the ...

Concept the humanoid robot, that is able to sweat


To solve the problem of overheating the internal parts of the robot, engineers often develop complex and very expensive cooling system. Japanese researchers approached the problem creatively and have created a robot that ... sweats. Progress on the modern technology market - it's a battle between what is working well and what is the cheapest way to produce on an industrial scale. As a rule,wins re...