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Concept VR headset for 2020

Everybody’s talking about VR headsets nowadays. How about the future? What will the virtual reality devices of the future look like?  Concept virtual reality, light and shadow, are intended for two different experiments. Shadow, hoodie with a built-in mask, designed for maximum immersion in virtual reality. VR device is powered by a portable mini computer, which makes it completely wireless...

The most thinnest laptop in the world

Apple has earned the reputation of the main innovator in the segment of portable computers, but competitors are not sitting idly by. HP introduced a premium 13.3-inch HP laptop the Spectre, that claims to be the thinnest in the world. The thickness of the aluminum housing with a bottom cap of durable and lightweight carbon fiber is only 10.4 mm, leaving behind Apple MacBook (13.2 mm) and the Dell ...

Innovative electric fork for salt-free diets

Perhaps the older generation remembers,that,if lick tongue at once 2 contact of the flat batteries,in the mouth will appear metallic sour taste. Enterprising Japanese decided to use this feature of the weak current to defraud the gustatory sensory of human body,that in need of a salt-free diet. For this has been created inexpensive "electric flavor fork".One of the main problems of all diets - del...