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Exotic iPhone: bracelet and signet

And how will look like cell phones in the near future? New form factors do not appear for a long time, but if the world is seeking a more comfortable gadgets, even mobile phones in the coming years can expect a rebirth. Predicts a small revolution in its futuristic concept iPhone Italian artist Federico Ciccarese. It turns out that wearing the iPhone in your pocket or purse is not too wise and no ...

DJ Cooke – concept kitchen future

You love music and can not do without it? It raises your mood? With this device it is possible if you are cooking for a long time and are away from your entertainment center! The DJ Cooker is optimized for this sensory duo with a built-in mp3 player protruding from the side of the hotplate. When you begin heating your ingredients you may select a track from the stored song library in the small per...

Concept of the tractor of the future

Probably all have a general idea of ​​tractors.  It can be assumed, if the changes will affect the future of transport in general, can change and agricultural machinery. Designer Prithu Paul has developed the concept of the tractor, which no one has ever seen. And at first glance may not immediately realize that shown by transport is a tractor of the future. (more…)