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Concept Sony PSP 2 with a transparent OLED-display

A year ago, Sony has released a portable console PS Vita. It a branded gaming gadget second generation with a productive processor and a bunch of ways to control gameplay. PS Vita sales were not as serious as we would like, but the device has found its place in the market and feels quite decent. What will happen when the time comes to make another big step forward? (more…)

Concept mouse-clip

Frank Guo introduced a strange but useful (kinda) CLIP MOUSE concept, where the touch mouse will also functional as the laptop clip, either for securing the mouse in place or lock down the lit from being opened accidentally. The device is designed as a clip that allows you to securely attach it to the laptop case to carry.   Looks cool, but at the same time it’s pretty fragile. Unless ...

Concept the world’s first reader with a color E-ink screen and backligh

As the years passed since the introduction of the world markets first readers with E-Ink-displays. Many people, for sure, would like to see color displays, instead of black and white. And now, this moment almost came: PocketBook has announced plans to start in June 2013 sale of their first reader with color screen E-Ink Triton, supplemented by light. Recall that E-Ink performed on electronic ink...

Another concept of smart glasses

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 compete with Google Glass in 2013. Google already all is interested  its project Glass. People are interested in the idea. It embodies a fundamentally new type of device. Meanwhile, the company Vuzix has announced something very similar. Toy called Smart Glasses M100. "Smart glasses" more like Bluetooth-headset, only larger. on stretches to the eye, left o...

Concept bracelet with voice assistant Siri

A designers from around the world after extended a break  again began to develop a concept of electronic voice assistant Siri. One example - bracelet iSiri, invented Italian studio CiccareseDesign. Little female bracelet endowed Bluetooth-module allows to forget about the iPhone, not to pull out of his pocket once again. Absence of the screen should not confuse you, Siri and so is able to ...

Concept keyboard puzzle

Concept keyboard puzzle Many PC users often complain that they can not choose a keyboard to your taste, or complain about the huge amount of unused buttons. Conceptual Puzzle Keyboard just for them. This device has a structure of a puzzle. In other words, you will have the ability to completely customize the keyboard, some keys to remove completely, while others moved to a more convenient locati...

Concept Panoramic Ball Camera

This is amazing. This device, a concept  unifies the user experience, the physical design, and the necessary technology in a way that’s almost iPod-like in its elegance. Camera called Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is capable of doing 360-degree panoramic photos with a very original method of photography - the ball to throw up. A flexible body is made to the 3D printer and the fall did not...

Concept multipurpose kitchen gadget

It’s a great solution for small apartments. Designer Buse Ustun introduced the concept of compact multipurpose kitchen gadget that will save space. It can work as a frying pan, induction hob and grill. Quickly cleaned and easily and stored on  base of the unit. (more…)

Concept solar battery

This project is a battery and at the same time flexible solar panel that can fold  in the form of a standard battery. Innovation, that can be refined and perfected. Very interesting!  (more…)

Concept a coffee Memory

Coffee - favorite drink for many! And there is the desire to drink good coffee always. Try that with a coffee maker Memory. Before us is a terrific concept coffee Memory, who knows your tastes and prepares the perfect coffee. It was developed by Chinese designer WenYao Cai for international competition for Electrolux Design Lab 2012. First, of course, you have to enter the settings, ie tell this w...