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Concept multipurpose kitchen gadget

It’s a great solution for small apartments. Designer Buse Ustun introduced the concept of compact multipurpose kitchen gadget that will save space. It can work as a frying pan, induction hob and grill. Quickly cleaned and easily and stored on  base of the unit. (more…)

Concept solar battery

This project is a battery and at the same time flexible solar panel that can fold  in the form of a standard battery. Innovation, that can be refined and perfected. Very interesting!  (more…)

Concept a coffee Memory

Coffee - favorite drink for many! And there is the desire to drink good coffee always. Try that with a coffee maker Memory. Before us is a terrific concept coffee Memory, who knows your tastes and prepares the perfect coffee. It was developed by Chinese designer WenYao Cai for international competition for Electrolux Design Lab 2012. First, of course, you have to enter the settings, ie tell this w...

Concept of a smartphone M-Phone

Designers came up with the concept of M-Phone device with a screen with two windows. Why is there such a thought? Today high-end smart phones and even smartphones middle segment get large displays and processors. Power from such smartphones often to excess. How the use the full power - simultaneous operation of multiple programs. But to move from one program to another, you need to make two or thr...

Concept professional telephone-computer

Microsoft is positioning its mobile operating system Windows Phone platform,which has as having great potential for corporate users, while Android is more entertainment system. However, in reality the device on both platforms is not very different from each other. Clear dividing decided to hold designer  Imran Sheikh, who introduced the concept of the device TPM VIPNI. The author calls this...

Cab car of the future

At CEATEC 2012 Alps Electric Company has demonstrated intriguing a interface for the car. Cab car of the future. The latest developments of the company combined with motion sensors and cameras that track eye movement. There is multifunctional control system (a mysterious ball next to the gear lever). Control system can be a simple hand movement. There is also a function of the settings of the indi...

ICE – futuristic concept virtual kitchen assistant

This concept gadget combines conventional lamp to illuminate the kitchen table, with an intelligent system that will prompt methods of cooking and a variety of ways to the tableware. This is done by means of the laser projector and scanner. ICE can scan its surroundings and assist the user in creating the best meal to suit any occasion. ICE can scan ingredients you've already chosen to cook and ...

Concept widescreen printer

I'd like to print on large paper size. In this case, you want to use this printer, which is placed on a tabletop. Here can see the concept of such a printer. Compact printer model will solve the problem of lack of space on the office desk. Its body has a sliding telescopic design. This allows you to print even drawings in A2 format. You'll also get a handy touchscreen color LCD display to navigate...

Treat – concept refrigerator

The device Treat harmoniously combines traditional conservation products technologies with the latest mobile technologies. And this is the ideal combination that provides freshness and convenient storage. This is of increasing importance in modern life, with its intense rhythm. The device has a friendly touch  way of communicating. His containers change color  and warn you that the shelf...

Spummy-concept device for creating of "food of the future"

The device Spummy - a device for creating a "food of the future." This can be done with the help of nano-technology. Produced edible foam for every taste. A foam could taste  only in selected restaurants. Now you can make it yourself. The endless possibilities of combinations of taste to help you make a lasting impression on your friends and close. (more…)