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Futuristic concept Handphone

Future technology Handphone

To receive a multibillion-dollar profits,  must be constantly  amaze of the consumer. Therefore, companies try to produce new technology-based mobile phones.. At the same time, the buyer's attention to the model of mobile phone  can draw and with the help of original ideas and changes shape phone. Over the appearance of the mobile device continuously working designers. They sometime...

Concept unusual aircraft FanWing

Future technology Concept  unusual aircraft FanWing

This strange design of the aircraft will not use the usual screws or jet engines. Instead, they used the built-in wings, cylindrical turbines that resemble lawnmowers detail. This decision discharges the air above the wing, and creates both vertical and horizontal thrust. An experimental model of a mini airplane has been successfully tested, and the flight of a manned full version must be held at ...

Virtual-Holographic Display zSpace

Future technology New Virtual-Holographic Display

Frankly, on this development can dream all my life. When you look at it, do not even believe what is in principle possible. Engineers, designers and enthusiasts will be very interested in buying this display. The name of this development zSpace, which means the space in the third dimension. According to the developers, this display aims to enhance the capacity of human creativity, by combining a s...

BlackBerry Elegance is on Android with Berry UI Concept

Future technology BlackBerry Elegance Android Concept

The two most powerful manufacturer of mobile devices, Nokia and RIM (brand BlackBerry) now facing serious difficulties, forcing them to radically change its strategy.  One of the options for future development for the Canadian manufacturer may be entering the market for smartphones running Google Android, the idea developed in the concept of BlackBerry Elegance. As befits any self-respecting ...

Modular concept of earphones

Future technology earphone concept

This conceptual design. Detachable cable system allows you to easily repair the SEB with replacement parts and will feature Bluetooth for wireless communication when the headphones are not connected physically. This will require a battery and some electronics that would be a much better and less for the design to work. Charger mimics some aspects of the bridges. Headphones are also available for e...

Concept Phone for Athletes

Future technology Concept Phone for Athletes

Concise and simple design of the phone of the future offered to the designer with a funny name for our latitude, Patrick Loh. Its development is designed for those who love innovation, but prefers not to spend time studying dozens of new functions and features of the device. Therefore Gigaset coeval L226 is positioned as a mobile phone for athletes, and its main feature - the ability to attach to ...

Exotic iPhone: bracelet and signet

Future tecnology Exotic iPhone

And how will look like cell phones in the near future? New form factors do not appear for a long time, but if the world is seeking a more comfortable gadgets, even mobile phones in the coming years can expect a rebirth. Predicts a small revolution in its futuristic concept iPhone Italian artist Federico Ciccarese. It turns out that wearing the iPhone in your pocket or purse is not too wise and no ...

DJ Cooke – concept kitchen future

Future technology DJ Cooke - concept  kitchen  future

You love music and can not do without it? It raises your mood? With this device it is possible if you are cooking for a long time and are away from your entertainment center! The DJ Cooker is optimized for this sensory duo with a built-in mp3 player protruding from the side of the hotplate. When you begin heating your ingredients you may select a track from the stored song library in the small per...

Concept of the tractor of the future

Future technology concept of the tractor  future 2020

Probably all have a general idea of ​​tractors.  It can be assumed, if the changes will affect the future of transport in general, can change and agricultural machinery. Designer Prithu Paul has developed the concept of the tractor, which no one has ever seen. And at first glance may not immediately realize that shown by transport is a tractor of the future. (more…)