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Curved 34-inch Samsung CF791 supports FreeSync technology

Future technology Curved 34-inch Samsung CF791 supports FreeSync technology

In range of Samsung company soon will another curved monitor - CF791. When exactly will premiere of new items, not reported, but the source already offers familiar with its characteristics.Samsung CF791 - an interesting display for several reasons. We must start with the fact that the maximum refresh rate is 100 Hz. Along with support for AMD FreeSync technology that should provide smooth and clea...

Portable Printer: technology of the future, or useless junk?

Future technology Portable Printer technology of the future, or useless junk

German designer has developed a portable printer. He fits easily in a bag. Did he meet the expectations of the users?What we know about printers? Sufficiently large, occupying a lot of space and noisy devices, wich inconvenient to carry. All of them, from industry giants to tiny office workaholic, almost similar and hardly differ from one another. German designer Ludwig Rensch drew attention on th...

PhytlSigns – an innovative device for plants

Future technology PhytlSigns - an innovative device for plants

Humans can not do without communication. Without contact with each other, we simply are not able to function normally, whether verbal or the sign language dialogue. And what about nature? There are many examples of how animals communicate with each other, but what happens to the plants? We do not own supernormal abilities,that can allow us to talk to the plants, but thanks to technology, we can no...

Innovative Family robot-pharmacist

Future technology Innovative Family robot-pharmacist

Do not miss the reception medications or vitamins are very important,when you watching for his health. Pillo robot just endowed with the appropriate functionality. Thanks to the Face Detection system and specially developed software, he is able to remember all the family members, and to find an individual approach to each, displayed in the voice and emotional communication. Inside the robot are pr...

Innovative brush for cleaning the teeth

Future technology Innovative brush for cleaning the teeth

Group inventors created a brush for the teeth, which allows you to clean your teeth in just a few seconds. To date, the device has no analogues. It is very simple and accessible. Caries - a very ambiguous dental disease. According to recent studies, 90% of men and women over 40 years meets caries. Blame the fact that the conventional brush for cleaning the teeth is not very good cope with their ta...

Innovative 70-inch display

Future technology Innovative 70-inch display

Someone is enough 13-inch laptop screen, and someone, and the 32-inch desktop monitor is not enough. For those for whom size does matter, Dell has developed a new monitor 70 Interactive Conference Room Monitor. Dell Inc. wants to send classic chalk and magnetic marker boards, commonly used in many schools and offices, on well-deserved rest. Instead, they are encouraged to use the 70-inch touchscre...

Concept Apple Magic Keyboard with OLED Touch

Future technology Concept Apple Magic Keyboard with OLED Touch

The network already pop the concept of MacBook Pro with OLED-panel instead of hot keys. But what if Apple decides to go the other way? Designers presented their vision of the situation.The German edition published the interesting render Curved Magic Keyboard, a new generation of Apple keyboard. They based on rumors about the future generation of notebooks and suggested that the company may introdu...

Concept of flexible smartphone and foldable tablet from Lenovo

Future technology Concept of flexible smartphone and foldable tablet from Lenovo

This year is extremely saturated demonstrations flexible displays and bendable  products from different manufacturers. Now the Chinese company Lenovo on Tech World Conference 2016 in San Francisco demonstrated prototypes of a fully bendable own devices - smartphones and tablets. Unusually long smartphone can be mounted on the arm, like a bracelet, and a 10-inch tablet screen folds out in half...

It’s Time To Spotlight Future Customizable Laptop Designs

Future technology Laptop Designs

In the not so distant future, customizable laptop designs will become more affordable and available to everyone. Students and employees are expected to be productive no matter where they go, and always remain in touch. Every year access speeds for the Internet has increased allowing more data to be transmitted back and forth. While the technologies described here are still in early development, th...

Pillow of future

Future technology Pillow of future

Tired back and neck on long journeys? It's okay. To correct this unfortunate situation can be using camphor pillows. More recently, a group of enthusiasts has created just such a "gadget", designed to make travel on public transport as convenient as possible.In the XXI century "the mobile" are to the surprise of even the most simple, familiar to us things. A striking example of such a "device" is ...