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Concept the folding 24-inch display SPUD


When you go somewhere else where you may want to watch TV, play games or make a presentation in field conditions, take with you a real monitor - not the best idea. You can say that with such tasks easy to handle laptop, smartphone or tablet. But even the largest screens of these devices rarely exceed 17 inches (in the case of a laptop). That's why the developers of the company came up with Arovia ...

The first monoblock PCs Microsoft


Microsoft has expanded its family of computers, adding to it his first one-piece Surface Studio. Desktop PC, specifically aims to compete with Apple iMac, and focused, for the most part, on people of creative professions related to graphics.Novelty is equipped with 28-inch touch screen with a resolution of ultrachёtkim 4500h3000 pixels (aspect ratio 3: 2) - 63% more than the 4K-display. The monit...

Ceramic smartphone with the frameless screen


This time Xiaomi surprised, introducing 6.4-inch tablet background Mi MIX, which has virtually no frame on the top and on the sides. For the realization of this kind of Chinese response the Japanese company Sharp Xiaomi developers took about two years.The company announced a new smartphone Mi Mix, seemingly looking like another concept from designers who see far into the future. The device is comp...

10 future technologies, emerging already today


Some people believe that modern technology subvert the human civilization, making easier life to the limit and lowering the overall level of development. Others argue that, freed from the monotonous work man can truly reach their potential. Anyway, new technologies are emerging every year, always bringing the future,the bright or horrible.     Cameras future will learn to "turn the ...

Concept Beautiful All in One PC


This device connects users to their computer in a new fashion and it also includes a fingerprint security scanner, similar to the one of the iPhone. It’s a full screen, multi touch display and the core of its design revolves around tactile input. This opens new opportunities for work, gaming and even drawing. Interestingly, the designer also envisioned a new way to store energy.The touch display...

Table or a Tablet


Forget the iPad Pro! Meet the CROSS2DESIGN Smart Table! Just as it sounds, this interesting marriage of two unlike objects is a hybrid table and tablet in one.Of course, the design can be used as a surface for working… but it can also be used to watch entertainment, surf the web, organize ideas, collaboration, educate kids, or even for gaming! Touch-sensitive, it’s easy to access programs and ...

Dynamics Concept Earphones

Future technology Dynamics Concept Earphones

Dynamic concept earphones offer universal products for everyone to enjoy music. Concept earphones project developed for JBL on behalf of Harman International. JBL always created versatile products, easy to use, comfortable and designed to can be the perfect products for everyone, no matter sex no matter age, no matter when and where. After months of researches and medical consulting, the goal was ...

Innovative pen that draws the any color

Future technology Innovative pen that draws the any color

Handle Cronzy - the dream of every artist. Using a special scanner, gadget is able to recognize up to 16 million colors and play them CMYKW-ink, which enclosed in corporate cartridge. The desired color can copy not only from nature using installed scanner, but also through the mobile application for devices running on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Cronzy comes complete with the few tips and two ...

Unique technology that allows broadcast of the display image as a hologram

Future technology Unique technology that allows broadcast of the display image as a hologram

A group of enthusiasts has created a new device, that on one step has brought mankind to create the full-fledged holograms. Unlike most other similar gadgets, novelty promises to be incredibly the cheap.Recently launched a new project, which is intended to release on the market the innovative device to enable broadcast a picture of a monitor or TV in the form of a hologram. The gadget is called Ho...

Concept Smart Mirror

Future technology Concept Smart Mirror

The concept of smart mirrors has been developing for a long time, and the company Perseus Mirrors has offered the smart product, that will be able to not only show the weather, time, and events from the calendar, but will stay in touch, go out in social networks, read the news feed, play video and audio files, view streaming video and take pictures of yourself. To do this, the novelty is equipped ...