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Concept the pitch of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 2020

In the high-tech world is changing all so rapidly, that it is difficult to anticipate events at least a year or two. However, the French designer it has not stopped, with all the courage he demonstrated the concept of a smartphone Nokia Lumia, already dated 2020. By the way, this concept won on the design competition, organized by the Finnish manufacturer.Smartphone boasts appearance in style the ...

The world’s first truly curved smartphone

LG has launched the world's first truly curved smartphone, which she called G Flex. He has no analogues in any country in the world, and even candy bar Samsung Galaxy Round, also allegedly curved case and display, unable to compete with him.This version of the smartphone has a unique body color with a metallic shade, which praised as men who have vehicles with slim design and the fair sex, loving ...

Concept Nokia FIT – On My Fingertips

Nokia FIT - a concept phone that can be worn on the finger. Made of soft silicone rubber, flexible, fully waterproof and phone support voice communication and SMS. You can take it with you to the pool and enjoy the fun even if you are expecting an important call. The designer has added a built-vibration, in order to avoid embarrassing situations during important meetings. (more…)

Concept Holographic iPhone 6 – Dream

Which iPhone 6  we only have not seen ! Who are their only "did" ! However, most of the concepts similar as twins: no unallocated space on the sides of the display, the big and lungs. This , incidentally, is the same - here a designers could not surprise.  What distinguishes this project from hundreds of the same - so is the idea of ​​UI.Participants SET Solution decided that visuali...

Concept 35 – inch iMac with Mac Pro features

Longtime  fan of Apple Kurt Merki created the concept of a new computing device that combines three products " fruit " of the company - piece iMac, Cinema Display and display workstation Mac Pro. The resulting hybrid designer called iPro.According to the creator of the concept, iPro combines performance and flexibility of the Mac Pro, Cinema Display convenience and form factor iMac.iPro is de...

Concept Phone,that changing its shape

A team of researchers from the University of hasselt conducted research as compact mechanisms based on three-dimensional puzzles, can be used to create flexible devices,that can change their functionality from the usual smartphone or tablet to portable consoles. POC has developed a prototype phone that can change its shape.. (more…)