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Concept the roller vehicle

This concept vehicle of the future Roll and R1de  equipped with spherical wheels that can move in any direction. As an energy source used hydrogen elements. The car has the most low profile and, of course, is made of light, strong composites.  Was designed for the not-so-distant 2030s. (more…)

Cab car of the future

At CEATEC 2012 Alps Electric Company has demonstrated intriguing a interface for the car. Cab car of the future. The latest developments of the company combined with motion sensors and cameras that track eye movement. There is multifunctional control system (a mysterious ball next to the gear lever). Control system can be a simple hand movement. There is also a function of the settings of the indi...

Concept of the tractor of the future

Probably all have a general idea of ​​tractors.  It can be assumed, if the changes will affect the future of transport in general, can change and agricultural machinery. Designer Prithu Paul has developed the concept of the tractor, which no one has ever seen. And at first glance may not immediately realize that shown by transport is a tractor of the future. (more…)